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Discussion, light meal

Yes, absolutely; supper, at least in English tradition, was a cold collation, left out by cook before retiring.

Bringing together

It's fantastic, as is so much of Forgiveness Rock Record, a collation of so many talents that it's practically bursting at the seams.

A light informal meal
{n} repast, treat, gift, comparison
The report of the act made by the proper officers
The logical ordering of character or wide-character strings according to defined precedence rules These rules identify a collation sequence between the collating elements, and such additional rules that can be used to order strings consisting of multiple collating elements X/Open
The act of comparing the copy of any paper with its original to ascertain its conformity
A light meal
The following fields contain data that defines the structure of the digital object to be created The collation defines a set of "intermediate objects" within the primary object (jacket front cover, jacket back cover,disc label, etc ) The intermediate objects ought to be recursive (jacket, then front cover and back cover) but in this database only one intermediate level is provided For LC AV objects, the collation input form is also filled in by processing section staff and the layout of this form may help readers envision the outcome of collation
In cataloging, the physical description of a bibliographic item (book, tape, film) which generally appears after the imprint
the formal description of the make-up of a book; also the act of checking for completeness
Bringing together and comparing, as variant manuscripts of the same text Normally implies the examination of all points of difference between the two The difficulty of collation increases with the number of variant texts available, and the possibilities of computerized collation are currently being investigated for such situations
The right which an heir has of throwing the whole heritable and movable estates of the deceased into one mass, and sharing it equally with others who are of the same degree of kindred
The act of conferring or bestowing
The process of ordering units of textual information Collation is usually specific to a particular language Also known as alphabetizing or alphabetic sorting Unicode Technical Report #10, "Unicode Collation Algorithm," defines a complete, unambiguous, specified ordering for all characters in the Unicode Standard
careful examination and comparison to note points of disagreement assembling in proper numerical or logical sequence
that part of the catalog entry which describes the work as a material object, i e number of volumes, pages, size, type and character of illustrations
a description of a book or manuscript by its signatures or the number of its quires, and a statement of the number of leaves in each gathering
A conference
The act of collating or comparing; a comparison of one copy er thing (as of a book, or manuscript) with another of a like kind; comparison, in general
A light repast or luncheon; as, a cold collation; first applied to the refreshment on fast days that accompanied the reading of the collation in monasteries
assembling in proper numerical or logical sequence
careful examination and comparison to note points of disagreement
A collection of the Lives of the Fathers or other devout work read daily in monasteries
The description of a book, including number of leaves and pages and if it has a bibliography, illustrations, etc
field in a bibliographic description that gives the number of pages or volumes, the presence of illustrations, the item's size, and accompanying materials
The logical ordering of strings in a predefined sequence according to rules established by precedence These rules identify a collation sequence among the collating elements and also govern the ordering of strings consisting of multiple collating elements, to accommodate native languages
The process of ordering units of textual information according to a well defined set of rules These rules may be relatively easy, based solely on the order of component symbols; on the other hand, they may be arbitrarily complex, requiring grammatical or semantic interpretation
To partake of a collation
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The act of collating
The gathering and examination of sheets preparatory to binding
{i} small or light meal; comparison or criticism (of literary works)
The presentation of a clergyman to a benefice by a bishop, who has it in his own gift