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Englisch - Türkisch
(Bilgisayar) köşeli çift ayraç
(Askeri) şerit
(İnşaat) içiçe açı
kol şeridi
zaviyeli nişan
V biçiminde süs
zaviyeli nisan
assubay ve erlerin rütbelerini gösteren kol işareti
{i} onbaşı nişanı
{i} çavuş nişanı
{i} zikzak çıta
rütbe işaret
(Askeri) ŞERİT: Rütbe, yara, gönüllü hizmet ve denizaşırı hizmeti gösteren, değişik şekilde bez şerit
chevron molding
zikzak desenli silme
chevron cutting
zikzak kesilme
chevron down
(Bilgisayar) köşeli çift ayraç aşağı
chevron drier
şevron kurutucu
chevron fold
(Jeoloji) zik-zak kıvrım
chevron fold
(Jeoloji) v biçimli kıvrım
chevron fold
(Jeoloji) şevron kıvrımı
chevron fold
(Jeoloji) akordiyon kıvrım
chevron fold
(Jeoloji) şevron kıvrım
chevron fold
(Jeoloji) zik zak kıvrım
chevron up
(Bilgisayar) köşeli çift ayraç yukarı
service chevron
(Askeri) I. DÜNYA SAVAŞI HİZMET ŞERİDİ: Bak. "war service chevron"
war service chevron
wound chevron
(Askeri) YARA ŞERİDİ: Birinci Dünya Harbinde, muharebede alınmış yaraları gösteren "V" şeklinde, altın renkli bir kumaştan yapılmış bir şerit. Bu şerit, sağ kolun aşağı kısmına, sivri tarafı aşağıya gelecek şekilde takılır. Ayrıca bakınız: "insignia" ve "chevron"
wound chevron
(Askeri) yara şeridi
Englisch - Englisch
a V-shaped pattern; used in architecture, and as an insignia of military or police rank, on the sleeve
A guillemet, either of the punctuation marks “«” or “»”, used in several languages to indicate passages of speech. Similar to typical quotation marks used in the English language such as ““” and “””
A wide inverted V placed on a shield
to form or be formed into chevrons

Earlier, in glaring winter daylight, I'd first noticed thin lines chevroning off the edge of each eye into the taut skin of his cheeks....

V-shaped markings on the surface of roads used to indicate minimum distances between vehicles

I told you that in fact they were called chevrons and it was an exercise by the transport department to teach us to stay two chevrons behind the car in front. — Jamie Dunn, Truckie has a point, Sunshine Coast Daily Online, June 13, 2009.

A chevron is a V shape. The chevron or arrow road sign indicates a sharp bend to the left or right
{i} American petroleum company (headquarters in San Francisco)
A zigzag molding, or group of moldings, common in Norman architecture
pattern having the shape of a ³V²
A zig-zag motif See also other repetative decorative motifs
One of the nine honorable ordinaries, consisting of two broad bands of the width of the bar, issuing, respectively from the dexter and sinister bases of the field and conjoined at its center
A ~ sign (in books; in datafiles from 1997 onwards) or a chevron « between two words or phrases in a textual correlate usually indicates the semantic domain of a term or the existence of a relation between the two terms: "A ~ B" = "A in relation to B", "A in the context of B"
Zig-zag moulding
A zigzag or v-shaped pattern used decoratively, especially in Romanesque architecture
V-shaped sleeve badge indicating military rank and service; "they earned their stripes in Kuwait"
In heraldic convention a chevron is a "V" shape with the point worn facing upward, although in military dress it has been worn periodically with the point facing down Chevrons, also called "stripes," are used as a system of indicating rank
Zigzag moulding Civil War - 1642 to 1646
a broad term applied to prints in zigzag stripes or to herringbone weaves
a V-shaped marking
A herringbone weave(v-shaped)
an inverted V-shaped charge V-shaped sleeve badge indicating military rank and service; "they earned their stripes in Kuwait
A shape of a mark, much like ">", found on some caterpillars and butterflies
> An inverted "V" shaped decorative motif
A ridge or profile arranged in a Vee shaped configuration on a belt carrying cover to stabilize material carried up an incline
{i} "V" shaped symbol (indicating rank)
Bead patterns, often layering white, red and blue glass Chevrons are made by the Constantinis, a venerated and prestigious glassmaking family on the island of Murano, Italy It is the most difficult pattern to create of all beads In Europe chevron beads were used in the rosaries of cardinals The African bead trade lasted from the 1200's through the end of the 1800's and the chevron came to be considered a chief's bead symbolizing absolute power and authority Chevron beads of six or more layers are extremely rare and quite valuable A R T Precious & Collectible Jewelry
a style of metal panel seaming/design
In heraldry, a wide inverted V placed on a shield
Room set in which tables and/or chairs are set in a V
A zigzag stitch VERY similar to Herringbone
V-shaped decoration
A decorative V-shaped line ; Zig-zag moulding (twelfth century)
A distinguishing mark, above the elbow, on the sleeve of a non-commissioned officer's coat
an inverted, V-shaped bar worn on the sleeve to designate rank of non-coms and enlisted privates
an inverted V-shaped charge
plural of , chevron
third-person singular of chevron



    Türkische aussprache



    /ˈsʜevrən/ /ˈʃɛvrən/


    [ 'shev-r&n ] (noun.) 14th century. Middle English, from Middle French, rafter, chevron, from Vulgar Latin caprion-, caprio rafter; akin to Latin caper goat.

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