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good time charlie
zevk düşkünü kimse
good time charlie
sefa pezevengi
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charlie parker
Caz tarihinin en büyük doğaçlamacısı ve bebop akımının babası olarak kabul edilen, yaşamı Clint Eastwood'un Bird adlı filmine konu olan ABD'li saksofoncu ve besteci
charlie parker
Caz tarihinin en büyük doğaçlamacısı olarak bilinen ABD'li Alto saksofoncu, besteci ve caz orkestra şefi
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An enemy. In reference to the VietCong (Victor Charlie in NATO phonetic alphabet) and shortened to "charlie."
A diminutive of the female names of Charlotte or Charlene, also used as a formal given name, although less common than the male name
(often qualified with right and/or'' proper) A fool

Is your name Charlie? ... Well, you look like one.

The letter C in the ICAO spelling alphabet
A diminutive of the male name Charles; also used as a formal given name

Heaven only knows why a man with a strong biblical name like James wants to be a president named Jimmy. I'm certain that if he were called Charles, he wouldn't fool around that way. Charles is not so bad, but Charlie is a terrible burden to bear.

{i} (British Slang) idiot, foolish person; cocaine
A fool
A diminutive of the masculine given name Charles
{i} male first name (form of Charles); North Vietnamese troops or Vietcong soldiers (nickname used by American soldiers during the Vietnam War); code word for letter "C"; (Slang) cocaine
A diminutive female given name of Charlotte or Charlene
A familiar nickname or substitute for Charles
A short, pointed beard, like that worn by Charles I
a stupid person feel a right/proper charlie (=feel very stupid) (From the male first name Charlie, from Charles). Barnet Charlie Chaplin Charlie Christian Charlie Parker Charlie Bonnie Prince Charlie
As a proper name, a fox; so called in fables and familiar literature
Commonly used nickname for Viet Cong forces, from the radio call sign for "VC": "victor charlie"
New Redhat Linux 7 2 machine with updated MGH software installed and tested
American soldiers' slang for "Viet Cong " "Charlie" (or "Charles" or "Chuck") was short for the phonetic representation "Victor Charlie" for "VC "
Genetically engineered by scientists of the Sartarian era of the third subsection of the landmass of Andromeda IV This is the great supercomputer that is located everywhere on the planet and was given telepathic and telekinetic properties so that the tourists could be given what they wanted even before they knew they wanted it It is connected to all systems of the planet and has managed to make a subspace link with a few other planets There is only one living being on Andromeda IV, other than Charlie, that knows this
Charlie Papazian, author of The New Complete Joy of Home Brewing I don't actually own this book I have The [old] Complete Joy of Home Brewing from 1984 This is one of many reasons that you shouldn't trust anything I say
A night watchman; an old name
Charlie Brown
One of the main characters of the Peanuts cartoon strips by Charles Schulz. He is easily recognised by his lemon-shaped head and a yellow T-shirt with a jagged black stripe across it horizontally
Charlie Brown tree
A Christmas tree considered undesirable by normal standards, often small and sparse. Usually, this is a term of endearment

She liked to think of it as a Charlie Brown tree, worthy of pity, not just a plain old ugly tree.

Charlie Foxtrot
clusterfuck, as expressed in the NATO phonetic alphabet

That commissions project has become a huge Charlie Foxtrot; who's in charge over there?.

charlie horse
Alternative spelling of charley horse
Charlie Barnet
orig. Charles Daly Barnet born Oct. 26, 1913, New York, N.Y., U.S. died Sept., 4, 1991, San Diego, Calif. U.S. saxophonist and big-band leader of the swing era. Born to a wealthy family, Barnet took up the saxophone as a child and eventually performed on tenor, alto, and soprano. His was among the first of the big bands to be racially integrated, and his unabashed admiration for Duke Ellington and Count Basie resulted in an effective synthesis of their styles. His best-known recording was "Cherokee" (1939)
Charlie Biton
{i} former member of the Israeli parliament (one of the founders of the "Black Panthers")
Charlie Brown
a character from the US cartoon strip called peanuts by Charles Schultz. Charlie Brown is a nice boy who is not very confident and is often unlucky. He has a pet dog called Snoopy. Brown, Charlie
Charlie Chaplin
in full Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin born April 16, 1889, London, Eng. died Dec. 25, 1977, Corsier-sur-Vevey, Switz. British-U.S. actor and director. The son of poverty-stricken music-hall entertainers, he became a vaudeville performer at age eight. On tour in New York (1913), he caught the eye of Mack Sennett, who signed him to a film contract. While making his second film, Kid Auto Races at Venice (1914), Chaplin developed the costume baggy pants, derby hat, oversized shoes, and cane that was to become the hallmark of his famous "little tramp" character. He was soon directing his own films, and he became an instant star in The Tramp (1915). After cofounding United Artists in 1919, he produced, directed, and starred in such classics as The Gold Rush (1925), City Lights (1931), Modern Times (1936), The Great Dictator (1940), Monsieur Verdoux (1947), and Limelight (1952). Harassed for his leftist political views, he moved to Switzerland in 1952. In 1972 he returned to the U.S. to accept a special Academy Award
Charlie Chaplin
{i} Sir Charles Spencer "Charlie" Chaplin (1889-1977) English-born USA comedy and film star; Gene "Charlie" Chaplin, Jamaican dancehall singer
Charlie Chaplin
{i} position in which one's feet are turned outwards
Charlie Christian
orig. Charles Christian born July 29, 1916, Bonham, Texas, U.S. died March 2, 1942, New York, N.Y. U.S. guitarist. Christian grew up in Oklahoma City, Okla., and joined Benny Goodman to perform in both big-band and small-group settings in 1939. He created a sensation through his technically adept and innovative use of amplification, thus changing the guitar's primary role from accompanist to soloist. He was the first great electric guitarist in jazz. As one of the most advanced and influential soloists of the swing era, Christian participated in the jam sessions at Minton's Playhouse in Harlem with Thelonious Monk and Dizzy Gillespie that pioneered the harmonic advances of bebop
Charlie Dimmock
{i} Charlotte Eloise Dimmock (born 1966), British gardening expert who presents a gardening television show on BBC
Charlie Mingus
a US jazz musician and composer who played the double bass. He wrote the story of his own life called Beneath the Underdog (1971) (1922-79)
Charlie Parker
a US jazz musician and saxophone player, who was also called 'Bird', and who invented the bebop style of jazz with Dizzy Gillespie (1920-55). orig. Charles Christopher Parker, Jr. born Aug. 29, 1920, Kansas City, Kan., U.S. died March 12, 1955, New York, N.Y. U.S. saxophonist and composer. He played with Jay McShann's big band (1940-42) and those of Earl Hines (1942-44) and Billy Eckstine (1944) before leading his own small groups in New York City. (A nickname acquired in the early 1940s, Yardbird, was shortened to Bird and used throughout his career.) Parker frequently worked with Dizzy Gillespie in the mid-1940s, making a series of small-group recordings that heralded the arrival of bebop as a mature outgrowth of the improvisation of the late swing era. His direct, cutting tone and unprecedented dexterity on the alto saxophone made rapid tempos and fast flurries of notes trademarks of bebop, and his complex, subtle harmonic understanding brought an altogether new sound to the music. Easily the most influential jazz musician of his generation, Parker suffered chronic drug addiction, and his early death contributed to making him a tragic legend
Charlie Parker
(1920-1955) U.S. jazz musician
Charlie Sheen
{i} (born 1965 as Carlos Irwin Estevez), United States movie and television actor, son of Martin Sheen
Checkpoint Charlie
the best-known checkpoint in the Berlin Wall between what was formerly East and West Germany
Checkpoint Charlie
famous checkpoint that served as a crossing point between East and West Berlin from 1961-1990 (considered a symbol of the "Iron Curtain")
A diminutive of the male given name Charles
A diminutive of the female names Charlotte and Charlene
Prince Charlie jacket
A formal Scottish jacket, normally worn with a kilt
Prince Charlie jackets
plural form of Prince Charlie jacket
Tail End Charlie
the rear gunner in a bomber
Tail End Charlie
the last aircraft in a formation
Tail End Charlie
The man guarding the rear of a patrol
Victor Charlie
good-time Charlie
an affable or happy-go-lucky convivial man

I couldn't be a good-time Charlie ... when I was a kid I was taught not to talk or joke or laugh at the table -- A.J.Liebling.

Bonnie Prince Charlie
the popular name of Charles Edward Stuart, sometimes also called the Young Pretender. He was the grandson of King James II, and believed he had the right to be the British king instead of King George II. He led the second Jacobite Rising against the king in 1745-46, but was defeated at the Battle of Culloden. Stuart, James Edward (1720-88)
a male given name, diminutive of Charles
{i} family name; Charlie, male first name (form of Charles); code word for letter "C"; (Slang) heroin
a female given name
Sir Charles (Charlie) Chaplin
a British film actor and director who worked mainly in the US in humorous silent films (=films made with no sound) during the 1920s (1889-1977)
Sir Charles Spencer "Charlie" Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977) English-born USA comedy and film star
creeping charlie
The stonecrop (Sedum acre)



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    chas, snow, fool


    /ˈʧärlē/ /ˈʧɑːrliː/


    (noun.) circa 1946. from the name Charlie.


    ... Well, Charlie, the storm's over, ...
    ... decisions the 3G auction Charlie Munger won't let anybody take part in open ...

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