cevap, yanıt

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{i} response
The activity or behavior that a person performs in the presence of a particular stimulus
The change produced in an organism by a stimulus
the manner in which something is greeted; "she did not expect the cold reception she received from her superiors"
Any behavior that results from a stimulus or stimuli In instruction, it designates a wide variety of behavior which may involve a single word, selection among alternatives (multiple choice), the solution of a complex problem, the manipulation of buttons or keys, etc Self-Paced Learning Learning initiated and directed by the learner Either for leisure learning or as a result of being informed that we may need additional knowledge for a job, or school More and more training departments are developing courses that employees go through at their own pace The term is used by some organizations now to include computer-based, web-based and multimedia training
An answer or reply
An answer or reply, or something in the nature of an answer or reply
#R - A response command results from the electrical grounding of an input from the MED ASSOCIATES interface and allows for sequential processing to occur A response is activated when the command issues an output from another source (e g , Hand switch) Denoted by #R, always located before a "^" command
A change in the specimen from its initial state For explosive components, a response is most often the successful function For biological specimen, a response if often a death for toxicological tests or a cure for pharmacological tests For a true sensitivity test, the response is binary, i e a clearly defined YES or NO to the question: "Did the specimen change?"
A repetition of the given subject in a fugue by another part on the fifth above or fourth below
The vibratory motion or force that results from some mechanical input
Response is a generic term which refers to any form of the tracer label measurement recorded by the detector instrument
The proportion or absolute size of a population that demonstrates a specific effect May also refer to the nature of the effect
{i} reply, answer, reaction
An oracular answer
Reply to an objection in formal disputation
the activity or inhibition of previous activity of an organism or any of its parts resulting from stimulation
(a) The behavioral result of stimulation in the form of a movement or glandular secretion (b) Sometimes, any activity of the organism, including central responses (such as an image or fantasy) regardless of whether the stimulus is identified and whether identifiable movements occur (c) Products of the organism's activity, such as words typed per minute
a result; "this situation developed in response to events in Africa"
a statement (either spoken or written) that is made in reply to a question or request or criticism or accusation; "I waited several days for his answer"; "he wrote replies to several of his critics"
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cevap, yanıt