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Türkisch - Englisch
here you are
come again?
a) there you are b) come again, pardon, pardon me, excuse me
I beg your pardon
there you are!
excuse me?
buyur burdan yak
(deyim) another country heard from
go ahead!
buyur buradan yak
(Konuşma Dili) how about that
buyur etmek
ask smb. in
buyur etmek
1. to invite (someone) into (one's home, a room, etc.). 2. to invite (someone) to (a table spread with food)
buyur etmek
to show sb in
Go ahead

May I use your pencil? Sure go ahead. - Sizin kaleminizi kullanabilir miyim? Tabii, buyurun.

Let's go ahead and eat. - Önden buyuralım ve yiyelim.

başını eğerek buyur etmek
bow in
içeriye buyur etmek
to show sb in
tembele iş buyur/buyurursan sana akıl öğretsin/öğretir
(Atasözü) If you ask a lazy person to do something, all you'll get in return is unwanted advice: either he'll tell you that you're asking him to do something unnecessary, or he'll say that you ought to think of doing it in a different way