bir teması olan eğlence parkı

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theme park
An amusement park that has one or more specific central themes, often as part of its name
An amusement park, that has been divided into several sub-sections, each with a distinctive concept, such as the Old West, or the future
an amusement park that is organized around some theme (as the world of tomorrow)
{i} amusement park that follows a specific main idea or that combines rides based on characters
An amusement park which has one or more "themed" areas, with rides and attractions keyed to the theme of their location within the park Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, and Busch Gardens Williamsburg are examples of theme parks
A term used to describe an amusement park that is designed to carry a theme in one or more areas of the park The theme may carry over to the rides and attractions in that area as well Examples of theme parks include Holiday World, Islands of Adventure, Disneyland, Magic Kingdom and Knott's Berry Farm
A theme park is a large outdoor area where people pay to go to enjoy themselves. All the different activities in a theme park are usually based on a particular idea or theme. An amusement park in which all the settings and attractions have a central theme, such as the world of the future. a type of park where you can have fun riding on big machines such as a roller coaster, and where the whole park is based on one subject such as water or space travel
A theme park is a park that uses themeing to take guests to a new world
bir teması olan eğlence parkı