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Englisch - Englisch
to strike with great force

It was a ghastly morning, with the rain beating down in sheets.

To haggle someone to sell at a lower price

I managed to beat him down to half his original asking price.

to severely beat someone up
Alternative spelling of beatdown
(deyim) Persuade the seller to accept a lower price

She beat the merchant down $100.

persuade the seller to accept a lower price; "She beat the merchant down $100"
When the rain beats down, it rains very hard. Even in the winter with the rain beating down, it's nice and cosy in there. = pour down
When the sun beats down, it is very hot and bright
dislodge from a position; "She beat the dealer down to a much better price"
shine hard; "The sun beat down on the hikers"
bring down, force down; discourage, dishearten
persuade the seller to accept a lower price; "She beat the merchant down $100
If you beat down a person who is selling you something, you force them to accept a lower price for it than they wanted to get. A fair employer, when arranging for the pay of a carpenter, does not try to beat him down Beat down the seller to the price that suits you. = knock down
beat down prices
lower prices, reduce the cost of merchandise
beat him hands down
defeated him easily, won over him by a large margin
a severe beating
can beat him hands down
is much more capable than he is, can defeat him easily