bank statement

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Englisch - Türkisch
banka hesap yağdayı
Hesap özeti, hesap durumu, banka bildirimi
hesap özeti
hesap durumu
monthly bank statement
(Kanun,Ticaret) aylık banka ekstresi
Englisch - Englisch
A communication from a bank to a person holding an account in that bank, usually issued monthly, detailing the value of the holdings in that account and the effects of all transactions occurring with respect to that account
A monthly statement of account which a bank renders to each of its depositors
A statement detailing all transactions made through a deposit account, usually issued monthly BACK TO TOP
a printed statement of a customer's account regularly provided by the bank
A record of a customer's account that the Bank renders periodically, usually monthly, following certain cut-off dates depending on the type of account It shows a chronological summary of debit and credit transactions such as deposits, interest earned, withholding tax withheld, withdrawals, and so forth This is available through metrobankdirect either onscreen or by downloading it to a Microsoft Excel file
A periodic record of a customer's account that is issued at regular intervals, showing all transactions recorded for the period in question
listing of transactions and balances of a bank account
a statement sent by a bank to a checking account customer, such as a union, showing deposits, checks cleared, service charges, interest earned, and ending balances for a specified period, usually one month
A statement detailing all transactions made through a deposit account, usually issued monthly Top of Page
a periodic report showing balances and transactions between a certain period
a periodic statement prepared by a bank for each client; "I wish my bank statement arrived earlier in the month
A periodic report, rendered by a bank to a customer, showing the account balance at the start of the period, the transactions affecting the account, and the closing balance The statement may combine transactions involving both checking and savings accounts, and may include bank card activity
A bank statement is a printed document showing all the money paid into and taken out of a bank account. Bank statements are usually sent by a bank to a customer at regular intervals. a document sent regularly by a bank to a customer that lists the amounts of money taken out of and paid into their bank account
Report sent by the bank to the owner of the checking account indicating checks processed, deposits made, and so on, along with beginning and ending balances
A monthly accounting of funds and activity in a banking account
This is the document you receive from your glossary('bank','bank',5) on a monthly basis that describes the state of your account (balance, glossary('overdraft','overdrafts',5) etc) It will detail every glossary('credit','credit',5) to your account (money that has been added) and every glossary('debit','debit',5) (money taken out)
a record of all transactions (credits and debits) in a bank account during a particular period
A detailed record of transactions rendered by a bank to a depositor, usually monthly
A monthly report showing the bank's record of the checking account
a periodic statement prepared by a bank for each client; "I wish my bank statement arrived earlier in the month"
A report sent from banks each month to its customers to identify all activity since the prior statement
account statement
A report sent from a bank to a customer showing all transaction activity for a bank account for a specific period of time Bank statements report beginning balance, deposits made, checks cleared, bank charges, credits, and ending balance Enclosed with the bank statement are cancelled checks, debit memos, and credit memos Large institutional banking customers usually receive electronic bank statements as well as the paper versions
bank statements
plural form of bank statement
bank statement


    bank state·ment

    Türkische aussprache

    bängk steytmınt


    /ˈbaɴɢk ˈstātmənt/ /ˈbæŋk ˈsteɪtmənt/


    [ 'ba[ng]k ] (noun.) 13th century. Middle English, probably of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Norse bakki bank; akin to Old English benc bench; more at BENCH.

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