at times

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Englisch - Türkisch
zaman zaman

Zaman zaman can sıkıcı baş ağrısı çekti. - At times, he suffered from a painful headache.

Zaman zaman, ona güvenemiyorum. - At times, I can't trust him.

bazen, arasıra
arada bir

O arada bir saldırganlaşır. - He gets tough at times.


Bazen yalnız hissediyorum. - I get lonely at times.

Bazen curve'ü carve ile karıştırıyorum. - At times I confuse curve with carve.

At time
bu zamanlarda
Englisch - Englisch
occasionally, sometimes

This means, at times, long and perhaps overly discursive discussions of other taxa.

now and then or here and there; "he was arrogant and occasionally callous"; "open areas are only occasionally interrupted by clumps of trees"; "they visit New York on occasion"; "now and again she would take her favorite book from the shelf and read to us"; "as we drove along, the beautiful scenery now and then attracted his attention"
sometimes, from time to time, now and then
at times