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(Adlar, İsimler) Kız ismi
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A female given name

As Amy had been baptized Amelia ( but always called Amy) after her mother, now her daughter, too, was baptized Amelia.

{i} female first name
(Adlar, İsimler) Amy is a given name, a variant of "Aimee", which means beloved in French, from Old French amede, from Latin amāta, feminine singular past participle of amāre "to love". The name may also originate from French Ami, which means friend
given name, female, from French
Beach Amy Marcy Amy Marcy Cheney Amy Lyon Lowell Amy
A friend
Amy Johnson
a British pilot who flew alone in several famous flights in which she broke new records, for example from England to Australia in 1930, and from England to South Africa in 1932. She died when her plane disappeared over the English Channel during World War II (1903-41)
Amy Lowell
born Feb. 9, 1874, Brookline, Mass., U.S. died May 12, 1925, Brookline U.S. critic and poet. Born into the prominent Lowell family of Boston, she devoted herself to poetry at age 28 but published nothing until 1910. Her first volume, A Dome of Many-Coloured Glass (1912), was succeeded by Sword Blades and Poppy Seed (1914), which included her first poems in free verse and what she called "polyphonic prose." She became a leader of Imagism and was noted for her vivid and powerful personality and her scorn of conventional behaviour. Her other works include Six French Poets (1915), Tendencies in Modern American Poetry (1917), and John Keats, 2 vol. (1925)
Amy Marcy Beach
orig. Amy Marcy Cheney known as Mrs. H.H.A. Beach born Sept. 5, 1867, Henniker, N.H., U.S. died Dec. 27, 1944, New York, N.Y. U.S. composer and pianist. A precociously brilliant musician, she performed as soloist with major orchestras in the U.S. and Europe. As a composer she was devoted to German Romanticism rather than American themes or sources. Her best-loved works were her songs. Her Gaelic Symphony (1894) was the first symphony by an American woman. Other works include a piano concerto (1899), the choral pieces The Chambered Nautilus (1907) and Canticle of the Sun (1928), the opera Cabildo (1932), and a piano quintet (1907)



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    /ˈāmē/ /ˈeɪmiː/


    () Anglicized form of Old French Amee, which was both a nickname and a form of the Latin name Amata (“beloved”). Patrick Hanks and Flavia Hodges: A Concise Dictionary of Given Names.Oxford University Press 2001.


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