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(Askeri) alarm tespit sahası (alert holding area)
ünlem ya
Gördün mü I
{ü} şimdi tamam
{ü} aha
{ü} işte
Türkisch - Türkisch
İşte, burada
Englisch - Englisch
American Heart Association
alpha-hydroxy acid
An exclamation of understanding, realization, invention, or recognition

Aha! That will work.

{n} an unexpected stop or impediment, a stop
{i} denoting pleasure, triumph or surprise
An acronym for Adaptec Host Adapter
American Hospital Association, or American Heart Association
Associate of the Institute of Hospital Administrators
The American Hospital Association
Alaska House Authority
American Hospital Association
American Hospital Association, American Heart Association
Alameda Housing Authority - A separate corporate body from the City of Alameda governed by Housing Commission and Board of Commissioners (the latter of which has the same members as the City Council)
Abrams heavy armor
American Homebrewers Association Non-profit organization which promotes the hobby of homebrewing, and sanctions homebrew competitions Founded by Charlie Papazian, author of several books on homebrewing
American Hardboard Association
See Ha- ha
An exclamation expressing, by different intonations, triumph, mixed with derision or irony, or simple surprise
feelings Aha is used in writing to represent a noise that people make in conversation, for example to express satisfaction or surprise. Aha! Here at last, the answer to my question. used to show that you understand or realize something (ah + ha)
A sunk fence
{ü} word used to express a variety of emotions (delight, relief, surprise or contempt)
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    /ˌäˈhä/ /ˌɑːˈhɑː/


    [ ä-hä ] (interjection.) 14th century. Middle English.

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