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: An acknowledgement either of a packet or a message received from a network
acknowledgment signal
Expressing distaste, alarm, or trepidation
A in RAF phonetic alphabet
character or message sent by a receiving modem to a sending modem to indicate that a data packet has arrived complete and error-free (Computers, Telecommunications)
CRS Acknowledge
Positive acknowledgment, an ASCII control character verifying receipt of signal without error
Acknowledgement A message that acknowledges the reception of a transmitted packet ACKs can be separate packets or piggybacked on reverse traffic packets
  Abbreviation for acknowledge character
Acknowledge character
(acknowledge character) (n ) A signal sent by a station to a terminating station as an affirmative response that a connection has been made, or that data has been received
The response from the recipient back to the sender that data was successfully received TCP uses ACKs as part of its reliable transmission scheme If an aCK is not received, data is retransmitted See also NAK and retransmission
Acknowledgement frame; used for end-to-end flow control; verifies receipt of one or more frames from Class 1,2 or F services
Acknowledgement message
Short for acknowledgment A control code - ASCII character 6 - sent to a sending station or computer by the receiving unit to acknowledge either that the receiver is ready to accept transmission or that transmitted information has arrived without error The ability to send and received acknowledgment signals is built into software; the signals themselves are invisible to the user
Acknowledgement (network) Portion of any communications protocol responsible for acknowledging the receipt of a transmission ACKs can be separate packets or piggy backed on reverse traffic packets An ACK is sent to indicate that a block of data arrived at its destination without error
A signal that acknowledges the receipt of a signal
Positive acknowledgment
See: Acknowledgment
abbr Acknowledgement
Acknowledgement frame
Acknowledgment message in a protocol
Acknowledgement Frame An ACK is used for end-to-end flow control An ACK is sent to verify receipt of one or more frames in Class 1 and Class 2 Services
The acknowledgement bit in a TCP packet
Acknowledgment A message commonly sent to acknowledge receipt of a message or packet from a remote machine It is used to inform the sender that the message/packet arrived at the destination machine without errors
A code character indicating a positive acknowledgment that data has been received correctly Also used as a "ready" reply in some communication protocols
Of or related to antiaircraft warfare
Antiaircraft fire

The bomber flew through heavy ack-ack.

Antiaircraft artillery

Ack-acks were set up in the square.

ack ack
(British) signalmen's former telephone pronunciation of AA; antiaircraft gun
ack emma
(Archaic) a.m., between midnight and noon, in the morning (e.g.: "My blood test results are expected around 7 a.m.")
artillery designed to shoot upward at airplanes