ölümün eşiğinde olan

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Türkisch - Englisch
Strange or otherworldly
{s} doomed, dying (British & Scottish use); having supernatural or unearthly qualities, having clairvoyant powers; mysterious and strange; otherworldly; apparently crazy, insane
slightly insane
Doomed to die
Fated; doomed
If you describe someone as fey, you mean that they behave in a shy, childish, or unpredictable way, and you are often suggesting that this is unnatural or insincere. Her fey charm and eccentric ways were legendary. = whimsical. very sensitive and behaving or talking in a strange way
Magical or fairylike
suggestive of an elf in strangeness and otherworldliness; "thunderbolts quivered with elfin flares of heat lightning"; "the fey quality was there, the ability to see the moon at midday"- John Mason Brown
To cleanse; to clean out
ölümün eşiğinde olan