davanın sanığa tebliği

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Türkçe - İngilizce
The formal charging of a defendant with an offense
{n} the act of arraigning, a charge
The initial court proceeding during a criminal prosecution The defendant is advised of the allegations and his or her rights A plea is then requested If, at the conclusion of a preliminary hearing, a defendant is ordered to trial, he/she will be arraigned again in superior court
Procedure whereby the accused is brought before the court to plead to the criminal charge against him in the indictment or information The charge is read to him and he is asked to plead "guilty" or "not guilty "
The court appearance of a person accused of criminal behavior to hear the charges against him or her and to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty
a legal document calling someone to court to answer an indictment
A calling to an account to faults; accusation
Criminal proceeding in which the defendant, in open court, must answer criminal charges by entering a plea of guilty or not guilty Defendant either must be represented by a lawyer or waive his/her right to legal counsel
The first official court appearance made by a criminal defendant at which he or she is formally charged with an offense and called on to plead guilty or not guilty to the charges contained in the state's indictment or information
When the defendant is brought before the court, informed of the charges, and called upon to enter a plea to the charges The defendant is given a copy of the indictment or information before being called upon to enter a plea
A proceeding in which an individual who is accused of committing a crime is brought into court, told of the charges, and asked to plead guilty or not guilty
offender brought to court soon after arrest to hear formal charges and enter initial plea
In criminal cases, the accused individuals are taken before a judge and informed about the charges against them At the proceeding, they get to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty Sometimes called an initial appearance or a preliminary hearing
the first court appearance in Superior Court at which the defendant is brought before a Judge to be informed of the charges, enters a plea (guilty or not guilty) and further court dates are set
In USA criminal law, the formal appearance of an accused person to hear, and to receive a copy of, the charge against him or her, in the presence of a judge, and to then enter a plea of guilty or not guilty The arraignment is the final preparatory step before the criminal trial
The court proceeding during which a person is informed of the charges against him or her
In criminal practice, to bring a prisoner to the bar of the court to answer to a criminal charge
The initial court appearance of the offender, held for the purpose of having him or her enter a plea to the charge
Court proceeding at which a defendant pleads guilty or not guilty
davanın sanığa tebliği