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İngilizce - İngilizce
Cruiser Voler - aircraft carrier - diesel-powered warship launching and landing heavier than air flying vehicles
Carmel Valley, a city in San Diego county, immediately inland from Del Mar
catalog value
curriculum vitae
(Address Abbr.) Cove
Your CV is a brief written account of your personal details, your education, and the jobs you have had. You can send a CV when you are applying for a job. CV is an abbreviation for `curriculum vitae'. Send them a copy of your CV. Cape Verde (in Internet addresses). cultivar. curriculum vitae a short written document that lists your education and previous jobs, which you send to employers when you are looking for a job American Equivalent: resume
resume, chronological description of one's employment and educational history
Cruden, D M , and Varnes, D J 1996 Landslide types and processes In: Turner, A K , and R L Schuster, (eds) 1996 Landslides: investigations and mitigation National Research Council, Transportation Research Board Special Report No 247; National Academy Press, Washington, DC; 673 p
European term for resume or brief personal biography
Simultaneous extrusion and vulcanization of wire coating materials
(See Controlled Ventilation )
CARPOOLING VEHICLE - Employer provides vehicle to use for carpooling employees to/from the work site
Stands for "cyclic voltammetry," see voltammetry
Constant velocity
Coefficient of Variation, i e , standard error of statistical estimation divided by the estimated value Used as the indicator of accuracy of the estimation If the estimated population is 50,000 and CV is 0 1, it means the true value of population lies between 45,000 - 55,000 with some probability (such as 95%)
=> Abbreviation (DIN) for => Viscose fibres
A statistical term used to describe the amount of variation within a set of measurements for a particular test
The curriculum vitae of a Job Seeker, usually containing a brief outline of the Job Seeker's education, training, skills and employment experience
Cost Variances
curriculum vitae - a short one page resume
a summary of your academic and work history
Cost Variance
Commission Volume See Commission Volume
A document containing your educational and career history Vital for the majority of jobs, it is used by employers to ascertain your suitability for employment
Curriculum Vitae - Resume of personal details, education, qualifications and experience
Aircraft Carrier
(coding violation) A digital signal that is received with one or more pulses that do not conform to the expected coding rule; for example, the AMI coding rule is corrupted by a bipolar violation (DS3 CV) In M13 format, coding violations are the count of P-bit, F-bit, and M-bit errors and bipolar violations (BPVs) (exclusive of B3ZS occurrences) In the C-bit parity (CBP) format, coding violations are the count of C-bit, F-bit, and M-bit errors and bipolar violations
Coefficient used to define the flow capacity of a regulator or valve
Term from earned value analysis The (earned value) cost variance is the difference between BAC and ACWP It is shows if the project or task is on track with respect of its cost See also: SV, Controlling
Possible Code Violations
aircraft carrier (graphics only)
being five more than one hundred
Code Value