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İngilizce - Türkçe

Tom çayına iki küp şeker koydu. - Tom put two sugar cubes in his tea.

Burada bir görsel yanılsama var. Küpe baktığını düşünüyorsun ama gerçekte ekrana bakıyorsun. - Here's an optical illusion: you think you are looking at a cube, but in fact you are looking at the screen.

(Matematik) küpünü almak
(Gıda) lokma lokma doğramak
küpünü bulmak
(Geometri) küp biçiminde nesne
(Gıda) küçük küçük kesmek
(Bilgisayar) kat
(neyise) küp biçiminde kesmek
{f} küplere ayır
bir sayının küpünü almak
{f} kübünü bulmak
{i} parke taşı
böl/küpünü al
(Tıp) zar, küb, cubus
cube sugar kesme şeker
cube root küp kök
{i} (Geometri) , mat. küp
küçük parçalara kesmek
küp çıkarmak
{f} küp biçiminde kesmek
altı eşit yüzeyli cisim
küp,v.küplere ayır: n.küp
{i} kaldırım taşı
{f} küp küp kesmek
{f} kendisiyle iki kere çarpmak
{f} mat. (bir sayının) kübünü almak
(Geometri) mikap
cube ice
parça buz
cube root
cube sugar
cube cutting machine
küp kesme makinesi
cube root
cube root
küp kök

Yirmi yedinin küp kökü üçtür. - The cube root of twenty-seven is three.

cube shaped
küp şeklinde
cube sugar
küp şeker
cube concrete test specimen
(İnşaat) küp beton örneği
cube crushing strength
küp dayanımı
cube cutting machine
(Gıda) küp şeker kesme makinesi
cube from
(Bilgisayar) küpün alınacağı yer
cube law
(Politika, Siyaset) küp yasası
cube mold
beton deney kübü kalıbı
cube root law
(Çevre) üçüncü kök kuralı
cube root law
küp kök kuralı
cube strength
(İnşaat) küp dayanımı
cube strength
küp mukavemeti
cube strength
deney kübü dayanımı
cube strength of
betonun küp mukavemeti
cube sugar
cube test
küp deneyi
(Bilgisayar) küpler

Bu buz küpleri kısa sürede eriyecek. - These ice cubes will melt soon.

Peyniri ince dilimler veya küpler halinde kesin. - Cut the cheese into thin slices or into little cubes.

ice cube
(Gıda) küp buz

Kahveme bir küp buz koymak istiyorum, çünkü o genellikle çok sıcak. - I like to put an ice cube into my coffee, because it's usually too hot.

ice cube
(Gıda) buz parçası

Bu meyve suyu, iki buz parçasıyla ile çok daha iyi olurdu. - This juice would be even better with two ice cubes.

ice cube
buz küpü

Buz küpü tepsilerini doldurur musun ve derin dondurucuya koyar mısın? - Could you fill up the ice cube trays and put them in the freezer?

Onun gömleğinden içeri bir buz küpü kaçırdım. - I slipped an ice cube down her shirt.

bouillon cube
et suyu tableti
hilbert cube
hilbert küpü
sugar cube
Rubik's Cube
Zekâ küpü
Rubik's Cube
Zekâ küpü, sabır küpü, rubik küpü
high cube
yüksek küp
ice cube tray
Küp şeklinde buz yapmakta kullanılan çok bölmeli kalıp
rubik's cube
Sabır küpü
stock cube
Yemeklere lezzet vermesi için katılan küp haline getirilmiş kurutulmuş et veya tavuk suyu özü
sugar cube
sugar cube press
şeker küpü presi
closed cube
(Matematik) kapalı küp
(Matematik) küplü
flash cube
(Fotoğrafçılık) küp flaş
ice cube
küçük buz kalıbı
Türkçe - Türkçe

cube teriminin Türkçe Türkçe sözlükte anlamı

(Osmanlı Dönemi) Bak : U'cube
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Bak: U'cube
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Taaccüb olunacak şey. Ucube. Pek acib ve garib olan
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Hayret edilecek derecede olan isti'dad
İngilizce - İngilizce
Any object more or less in the form of a cube

a stock cube.

To raise to the third power; to determine the result of multiplying by itself twice

Three cubed can be written as 33, and equals twenty-seven.

To cut into cubes

Cube the ham right after adding the curry to the rice.

To form into the shape of a cube
to use a Rubik's cube

He likes to cube now and then.

A regular polyhedron having six identical square faces
The third power of a number, value, term or expression

the cube of 2 is 8.

A cubicle; especially of those found in offices
A data structure consisting of a three-dimensional array; a data cube
{v} to multiply twice into itself
{n} a square solid body, die, third power of a root
n 1 [short for `cubicle'] A module in the open-plan offices used at many programming shops "I've got the manuals in my cube " 2 A NeXT machine (which resembles a matte-black cube)
A rectangular solid with square faces
any of several tropical American woody plants of the genus Lonchocarpus whose roots are used locally as a fish poison and commercially as a source of rotenone
Doubling cube
cut into cubes; "cube the cheese"
Also known as an OLAP cube Data stored in a format that allows users to perform fast multi-dimensional analysis across different points of view The data is often sourced from a data warehouse and relates to a particular business function (See also Multi-Dimensional Analysis, OLAP, Data Mart)
Cut into cubes of a half inch or larger
Interior volume of a truck body, semitrailer or trailer, measured in cubic feet
The doubling cube
Information container in the OLAP data model, for example, the cube of sales information (See dimension; hierarchy; measure; level; virtual cube )
To cut into small cubes (usually a specific size) “Cubed” meats are mechanically tenderized or pounded to break up muscle fibers
a three-dimensional shape with six square or rectangular sides
A table with multiple dimensions in which the user can drill down to quickly examine specific details about an item of interest
a block in the (approximate) shape of a cube
Polyhedron with six identical square faces
A regular solid body, with six equal square sides
To cut meat, poultry or vegetables into pieces To cut food into 1/2 to 1-inch cubes
{f} raise to the third power (Mathematics)
A space figure that has squares for all of its faces
To cut food into small even pieces, usually about 1/2-inch
{i} shape composed of six equal squares; object shaped like a cube (i.e. box); third power (Mathematics)
a block in the (approximate) shape of a cube any of several tropical American woody plants of the genus Lonchocarpus whose roots are used locally as a fish poison and commercially as a source of rotenone the product of three equal terms a hexahedron with six equal squares as faces cut into cubes; "cube the cheese
When you cube food, you cut it into cube-shaped pieces. Remove the seeds and stones and cube the flesh Serve with cubed bread
A multidimensional database A multidimensional database is a method of referencing data through multiple dimensions An individual cell is the intersection of a point for a set of dimensions
A Linux and PC-104 based system developed by CBI-DNR for controlling various sensors and storing data for transmission back to CBI The cubes were named for the fact that they are cube shaped (4 inches to a side) Of course, once they get put inside their various enclosures they don't appear like cubes anymore
The cube of a number is another number that is produced by multiplying the first number by itself twice. For example, the cube of 2 is 8
A prism with six square faces
A polyhedron having six identical square faces
To raise to the third power; to obtain the cube of
A solid figure that has six square faces The cube is invariant under rotation about an axis through the center of two opposite faces under four rotations of 90°, 180°, 270° and 360° This is called fourfold rotational symmetry of the cube and the axis is known as a fourfold axis of rotational symmetry This axis corresponds to a face-on view of the cube The three fourfold axes of the cube are responsible for a total of nine rotations in addition to the identity transformation which leaves the cube unchanged (or rotates it 360°) The cube also has four threefold axes (responsible for eight rotations) through opposite vertices which result in a vertex-on view of the cube, and six twofold axes (responsible for six rotations) through the centers of opposite edges, resulting in an edge-on view With 13 rotational axes, the cube has a total of 24 rotations (including the identity transformation) that leave its configuration invariant
1) to multiply a number by itself three times -- "The units of volume are cubed because they are three edges multiplied times each other " (259) 2) object with six congruent square sides -- " the surface area of one face of a cube is 49 sq ft " (260)
A cube is a solid object with six square surfaces which are all the same size. cold water with ice cubes in it The cabinet comes with locks and key and is shaped like a cube
a hexahedron with six equal squares as faces
A solid figure contained by 6 equal squares
the product of three equal terms
raise to the third power
To cut foods into uniform 1/2"to 1" cubes
or Hypercube refers to a collection of multidimensional data A hypercube called "GL" might contain data from the general ledger and be comprised of multiple dimensions usually found in a general ledger, such as accounts, costs centers, months, and versions The accounts dimensions might contain base
A solid in which all sides are equal in length, and all faces are squares
The product obtained by taking a number or quantity three times as a factor; as, 4x4=16, and 16x4=64, the cube of 4
A particular cut of tobacco, in which the leaf is cut ito small roughly square chunks A popular cut for Burley tobacco
cube out
To reach the volume limit of a container
cube root
Of a number or expression, a number or expression the cube of which is equal to the given number or expression

3 is the cube root of 27.

cube steak
A tenderized cut of beef, usually top round or top sirloin, used for example in chicken-fried steak
cube with handles
A three-dimensional handlebody
cube farm
(American Slang) office divided into many cubicles for each worker
cube root
A number whose cube is equal to a given number. the cube root of a particular number is the number that, when multiplied by itself twice will give that number
cube root
The cube root of a number is another number that makes the first number when it is multiplied by itself twice. For example, the cube root of 8 is
cube root
a number that when multiplied three times equals a given number
cube steak
A thin slice of beef tenderized by cubing
cubelike: shaped like a cube
Magic Cube
Rubik's Cube
Master Cube
Rubik's Revenge
Mini Cube
Pocket Cube
Pocket Cube
A variety of Rubik's Cube with only 8 cubies arranged as a 2×2×2 cube
Rubik's Cube
Alternative capitalization of Rubik's cube
Rubik's cube
A mechanical puzzle with the shape of a cube, all sides able to be rotated, each side divided into 9 squares, the moving pieces allowing the cube to be rearranged. The goal is to get the colored squares aligned so that each side of the cube has a face of exactly one color
Rubix cube
Common misspelling of Rubik's cube
data cube
A very large three-dimensional array or table
ice cube
Any small piece of ice used for cooling drinks, larger than crushed ice, regardless of their shape

The new freezer in our kitchen makes round ice cubes!.

ice cube
A small cube of ice used for cooling drinks
magic cube
Proper (trademark, possibly registered): The original Hungarian name (in English, according to Singmaster's Notes on Rubik's 'Magic Cube' and the Wikipedia page) for what later became known in Western markets as Rubik's Cube (which see)
magic cube
Common: By analogy with magic square, an n-by-n-by-n arrangement of n³ numbers such that the numbers in each row, in all columns (horizontal and vertical) and in all main diagonals (of which there are 6*n+4) each have the same sum
photo cube
A cube-shaped frame holding different photographs on its different sides, often used to show several different members of a family, parts of a vacation, or a timeline of someone's life
snub cube
An Archimedean& of 38 faces, including six squares (no two of which share a vertex) and 32 equilateral&s
stock cube
preserved vegetable, meat or seasonings compressed and put into a cube shape
sugar cube
Sugar shaped in cubes (or approximate cubes), often used for coffee or tea
Rubik's Cube
Rubik's Cube (commonly misspelled rubix, rubick's or rubicscube) is a mechanical puzzle invented in 1974 by the Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Ernő Rubik. Originally called the "Magic Cube" by its inventor, this puzzle was renamed "Rubik's Cube" by Ideal Toys in 1980 and also won the 1980 German "Game of the Year" (Spiel des Jahres) special award for Best Puzzle. It is said to be the world's best-selling toy, with some 300,000,000 Rubik's Cubes and imitations sold worldwide
A cube
Ice Cube
{i} (born 1969 as O'Shea Jackson) U.S. actor and rap musician, former member of the rap group "NWA
bouillon cube
A small cube of evaporated seasoned meat, poultry, or vegetable stock, used in making broth or to flavor soups or stews. a small square made of dried meat or vegetables, used to give a stronger taste to soups British Equivalent: stock cube
bouillon cube
a cube of evaporated seasoned meat extract
bouillon cube
small square of evaporated meat extract
past of cube
a number multiplied by itself three times
Raised to the third power Multiplied by itself and then by itself again
When a recipe calls for something to be cubed, it is asking for it to be cut into squares of uniform size, usually bigger than diced
{s} of cube; raised to the third power (Mathematics)
To raise to the third power (5 cubed is 125 )
{i} exponent of the third power (Mathematics)
Any device designed to cut things into cubes
prisonMega-city one with its extremely high prison populated ( as Dredd said "90% of the citizens will commit a crime sometime their lives" ) needs many massive prison blocks that become part of the cityscape Also for extreme psychopaths are the Psycho-cubes" where each prisoner is kept in strict isolation also Cyro-cubes for prisoners in suspended animation
Vertices are represented by the 2^N different bit strings of length N Two vertices are connected by an edge if they differ in exactly one bit Thus, each vertex is adjacent to N others, because it differs in exactly one bit from N other bit strings Here is the 2-cube: 00 ------ 10 | | | | | | 10 ------ 11 Symbol: Q_N (Q sub N) How many edges does a cube have? Application of handshake theorem: Sum over all nodes of degree of each node = 2 * number of edges 2^N * N = 2 * e --> e = N * 2^(N-1)
plural of cube
Small uniform pieces usually about 1 cm each side
present participle of cube
high cube
Denoted HC or HQ A 40' ocean container being 9'6" in height as opposed to the standard 40' container freight of 8'6" This container has 26 6% more space and the rates are generally higher at the same percentage
high cube
Any container which exceeds 8 feet 6 inches (102 inches) in height, usually 9 feet 6 inches
high cube
A container that is taller than 102 inches
ice cube
An ice cube is a small square block of ice that you put into a drink in order to make it cold. a small block of ice used to make drinks cold
ice cube
a small cube of artificial ice; used for cooling drinks
ice cube
{i} small square of frozen water
stock cube
A stock cube is a solid cube made from dried meat or vegetable juices and other flavourings. Stock cubes are used to add flavour to dishes such as stews and soups. a small solid cube made from the dried juices of meat or vegetables that is mixed with boiling water to make stock
stock cube
a cube of dehydrated stock