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İngilizce - İngilizce
To hum or sing softly or in a sentimental manner
A low, continued moan; a murmur
A low singing; a plain, artless melody
To hum or sing in a low tone; to murmur softly
If one person talks to another in a soft gentle voice, you can describe them as crooning, especially if you think they are being sentimental or insincere. `Dear boy,' she crooned, hugging him heartily The man was crooning soft words of encouragement to his wife. to sing or speak in a soft gentle voice, especially about love (cronen)
To make a continuous hollow moan, as cattle do when in pain
To soothe by singing softly
{i} soft singing, soft humming; something sung softly
To sing in a low tone, as if to one's self; to hum
If you croon, you sing or hum quietly and gently. He would much rather have been crooning in a smoky bar Later in the evening, Lewis began to croon another Springsteen song
sing softly
{f} sing softly, hum softly; comfort and pacify by singing softly; (Scottish) bellow, roar, yell
past of croon
One who croons; a singer, usually male, especially of popular music
A crooner is a male singer who sings sentimental songs, especially the love songs of the 1930s and 1940s
{i} singer of sentimental songs
a singer of popular ballads
present participle of croon
the act of singing popular songs in a sentimental manner singing in a soft low tone; "her crooning soon put the child to sleep
third-person singular of croon

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    /ˈkro͞on/ /ˈkruːn/


    [ 'krün ] (verb.) 15th century. Middle Dutch kronen (“to groan, lament”), from Proto-Germanic *kre-, from Proto-Indo-European *gerH- (“to cry hoarsely”).


    ... the beginning of the threat must be found in order to empty the could croon ...

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