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İngilizce - Türkçe
buzulda veya bir seddin yüzünde açılan yarık
büyük yarık
(buz/vb.'de) derin yarık
buzul yarığı
{i} çatlak

Tırmanıcılar çatlak içine düştükten sonra yok oldu. - The climbers perished after falling into a crevasse.

{i} yarık
derin yarık
{i} büyük yarık; buz yarığı
büyuk yarık
crevasse deposit
krevase yatağı
levee crevasse
(Askeri) başlık beton kırılması
marginal crevasse
kenar krevase
İngilizce - İngilizce
A discontinuity or “gap” between the accounted variables and an observed outcome

e laments that he can find no physiological phenomenon answering to his subject’s winning a race, or losing it. Between his terminal output of energy and his victory or defeat there is a mysterious crevasse. Physiology is baffled.

A crack or fissure in a glacier or snow field; a chasm
a deep crack or fissure in the ice of a glacier
A breach in the levee or embankment of a river, caused by the pressure of the water, as on the lower Mississippi
The deep cracks in ice caused by ice movement
Large near-vertical fracture open at the surface of a glacier and commonly a route for meltwater flow
Elongated open cracks in glacial ice, usually nearly vertical, and subject to change at any moment Crevasses form due to changes in velocity or gradient They can be oriented to the glacier transverse, longitudinal or oblique and occur in marginal, central or terminal positions on the ice A crevasse which causes an ice block to displace has caused calving Crevasses cannot exceed 50 meters (165 feet) deep because they are closed by plastic flow below that depth
Cracks in the ice formed when the ice moves over uneven rocks or when floating ice spreads
A deep crevice or fissure, as in embankment; one of the clefts or fissure by which the mass of a glacier is divided
Cracks in the ice, frequently snow-covered and not readily visible They are one of the most hazardous and everpresent dangers on the ice They are typically deep and much wider at the top than at the bottom
{i} crevice, fissure
A crevasse is a large, deep crack in thick ice or rock. He fell down a crevasse. a deep open crack in the thick ice on a mountain (crevace; CREVICE). Fissure or crack in a glacier resulting from stress produced by movement. Crevasses range up to 65 ft (20 m) wide, 150 ft (45 m) deep, and several hundred yards long. Crevasses may be bridged by snow and become hidden, and they may close up as the glacier moves
Stratigraphy Like reading tree rings the annual snow layers are visible in crevasses and can be used to determine annual snow accumulation top of page
a deep fissure
plural of crevasse