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A tractor crawler, a motorized vehicle that uses caterpillar tracks instead of wheels to achieve superior floatation and traction. Crawlers are more expensive in maintenance and harder to operate than wheel tractors, but are often critical for working on soft soils, transporting great weights, and especially for bulldozing
A software bot that autonomously follows connected paths such as webpage links
A child who is able to creep using his hands and knees but is not able to walk
A sycophant
A person who is abused, physically or verbally, and returns to the abuser a supplicant
A crawl swimmer
{n} a creeper, drone, very sluggish person
Tractor operating on continuous treads instead of wheels -Refers to an arch on the same type of treads
A bot that visits websites and collects data in order to create entries for search engine indexes
An immature insect stage, usually mobile and suited for dispersal
Search engine crawlers or crawlers for short mechanically try to read each page on a web site for adding them to the data base of a search engine such as Google or AltaVista Other varieties exist: there are crawlers which try to extract email addresses for spamming purposes
1 A program that automatically fetches Web pages Crawlers (also called spiders) are used to feed pages to search engines Crawlers might request all Web pages at a site during a search; therefore, requests by crawlers are typically excluded from request counts (Usage Import) 2 A program that collects files by following links contained in those files (usually over HTTP) or by following directory trees in a file system (Search, Content Analyzer)
A component of a search engine that roams the Web, storing the URLs and indexing the keywords and text of each page encountered Also referred to as a robot or spider
A software program which visits websites to create indexes for search engines Also known as spiders, bots, and intelligent agents
terrestrial worm that burrows into and helps aerate soil; often surfaces when the ground is cool or wet; used as bait by anglers
A vehicle equipped with tracks or treads, like a tank
A crawler is much like a spider except it is programmed to constantly surf the web, following any and all links it comes across As it visits new websites, it checks its own database to see if the site is listed If the site is already listed, it makes note of any changes and calculates a search engine ranking for the site If the site has not been previously listed, the crawler will record all important information, add the website to the database, and assign a ranking to it
A "crawler" (also referred to as a bot, robot, wanderer, or spider) is a piece of software that "crawls" the Web collecting URLs and other information from Web pages Search engines are built around the information that crawlers retrieve
{i} one who moves along the ground on all fours, one who creeps; one who grovels
a person who tries to please someone in order to gain a personal advantage
also referred to as "spider", "robots", or "bots "it is an automated program, designed by programmers of search engines, to search the Internet looking for new Web sites They also read and scan meta tags
A crawler is a computer program that visits websites and collects information when you do an Internet search
A strike produced by missing the head pin Usually the 4, 2, and 1 fall slowly onto each other in that order (or 6, 3, 1) in domino fashion
A class of robot software that explores the World Wide Web by retrieving a Web document and following the links within that document Based on the information gathered, a crawler creates indices for search engines
a person who crawls or creeps along the ground
A Web Crawler (or Spider) is a piece of software that scans the World Wide Web finding pages to add to the index of a search engine
One who, or that which, crawls; a creeper; a reptile
A strike on which the ball misses the head pin So called because the 4, 2, and 1 pins usually fall slowly, like dominos, after the rest of the pins are down
(or bot or spider): a program that visits Web pages, on a regular basis, reads their content, follows their links to the other pages in the Web site, then takes the information to the index
crawler lane
a special part of a road that can be used by slow vehicles so that other vehicles can go past fast lane
church crawler
A person who is strongly interested, in an amateur capacity, in ecclesiology, church architecture, history and church art, and visits churches in order to view the buildings for themselves, as opposed to visiting them for religious reasons
dungeon crawler
A game oriented around exploring and fighting in especially large dungeons
kerb crawler
Someone who drives slowly along roads seeking sex from prostitutes or other women
Web crawler
{i} (Computers, Internet) program used to search through the Internet for documents that include a specific subject or word/phrase and downloads their contents in an automatic manner for indexing
plural of crawler
{i} type of clothes with long pants, feet and suspender for a baby who doesn't walk yet
kerb crawler
kerb crawler
someone who drives slowly along the curb seeking sex from prostitutes or other women
night crawler
earthworm, type of worm that burrows in soil
night crawler
Any of various large earthworms that crawl out from the ground at night and are often used as fish bait. Also called nightwalker
person who visits one pub after another





    [ 'kro-l&r ] (noun.) circa 1629. to crawl + -er Used in Australia in the convict period (1788-1850) to describe a prisoner who was purposely and extensively abused by an overseer (also a convict ) and thereby driven to escape but finding it impossible to survive in the Australian bush, surrender to this overseer who would then have his penal term reduced.The particular crawler was picked for his weak personality and might escape and return a number of times increasing his own penal term each time.According to James Tucker,some convict overseers had their sentences extensively reduced using this odious practice.Source-James Tucker's novel Ralph Rashleigh 1845. Tractor crawler is from "to crawl" — to move slowly, by dragging the body along the ground.


    ... crawler that's trying to look at every single web page and ...

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