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İngilizce - Türkçe
(Bilgisayar) aynı anda kullanım
(SQL) aynı anda kullanım
concurrency control
kosut zamanliligin denetimi
İngilizce - İngilizce
The property or an instance of being concurrent; something that happens at the same time as something else
(Concepts) [definition #2] (Internet Directory Administrator's Guide)
The simultaneous access of the same data by multiple users executing different database applications or the same application In database software concurrency requires additional logic to ensure that all users see consistent data and that all changes are made in the proper order
The property that distinguishes active objects from passive ones Characteristic of the Object Design Model
A situation in which the public facilities and urban services necessary to meet the demands of new development are in place to accommodate development as its impact occurs Same as adequate public facility requirements
The condition when more than one user has access to a specific set of records or files at the same time Concurrency is also used to describe a database management system's capability to handle simultaneous queries against a single set of tables
A condition in which two or more transactions act on the same record in a database at the same time To process a transaction, a program must assume that its input from the database is consistent, regardless of any concurrent changes being made to the database TMF manages concurrent transactions through concurrency control
The appearance of simultaneous execution of processes or transactions by interleaving the execution of multiple pieces of work
A process that allows multiple users to access and change shared data at the same time SQL Server uses locking to allow multiple users to access and change shared data at the same time without conflicting with one another
A term used in the Growth Management Act that describes the requirement that supporting infrastructure must be in place or "concurrent with the development" to accommodate transportation impacts, or a financial commitment is in place to provide the improvements or strategies within six years
The occurrence of two or more activities during the same time interval Concurrency can be achieved by interleaving or simultaneously executing two or more threads See: thread
The independent execution of two or more sequences of events that are either occurring, or appearing to occur simultaneously
The ability of more than one transaction to access the same data at the same time
A licensing arrangement in which usage is measured by the number of users at a point in time rather than by a count of machines For example, the purchase of 10 concurrent licenses would allow any 10 users to use the software at a time The purchase of 10 nonconcurrent licenses would allow the usage of the software on 10 machines only
Multiple users or programs simultaneously sharing the same database Transactions and data locks are used to give each of these a consistent view of the database
A measure of the number of users engaged in the same operation at the same time - a critical Capacity Planning issue
The ability of a system to service multiple requests to the same resources at the same time A high degree of concurrency is desirable in database systems
This term refers to the ability of some emulation programs to allow DOS programs to run in the background while 3270 emulation runs in the foreground
A feature of parallel programming Parts of a program whose executions overlap in time are said to execute concurrently Java's thread feature support concurrency
Execution of two processes or operations simultaneously
{i} agreement, accordance of opinion; cooperation, shared effort; simultaneous occurrence
Carrying out separate activities of the product development process at the same time rather than sequentially
Carrying out separate stages of the product development process at the same time rather than sequentially
A situation that arises when applications attempt to modify the same piece of data at the same time If two people are allowed to make changes to the same piece of data, the computer system must control the order in which it processes the two requests Mixing the two tasks will result in the wrong data being stored in the computer
A characteristic of information quality measuring the degree to which the timing of equivalence of data is stored in redundant or distributed database files The measure of data concurrency may describe minimum, maximum, and average information float time from which data is available in one data source and when it becomes available in another data source Or it may consist of the relative percent of data from a data source that is propagated to the target within a specified time frame
wrong-way concurrency
A road concurrency in which at least two numbered highway routes are signed in opposite, conflicting directions on the same stretch of physical roadway