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İngilizce - Türkçe

Amerikalılar çok rekabetçi olabilir. - Americans can be very competitive.

Tom'un çok rekabetçi olduğunu düşünüyorum. - I think Tom is too competitive.

rekabete dayalı
(Tıp) kompetitif
yarışma türünde
müsabaka tarzında
(Biyokimya) yarışmalı
{s} başkalarıyla rekabet edebilir
(Tıp) yarışabilen
(Mukavele) rakip, rekabetçi
rekabete dayanan
{s} hırslı
{s} rakip olan
yanşma mahiyetinde
{s} yarışmaya dayanan
{s} rekabet edebilen
(Ticaret) rekabet eden
(İnşaat) birbirleriyle yarışan
competitive advantage
(Ticaret) rekabetçi üstünlük
competitive advantages
rekabetsel avantajlar
competitive advantages
rekabet avantajları
competitive advertisements
(Ticaret) rekabetçi reklam
competitive antagonist
(Tıp) kompetetif antagonist
competitive antagonist
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) rakip antagonist
competitive assessment
(Ticaret) rekabet değerlendirmesi
competitive asset
(Ticaret) rekabetçi vasıf
competitive audit
(Ticaret) rekabetçi denetim
competitive benchmarking
(Ticaret) rekabetçi kıyaslama
competitive call
(Politika, Siyaset) başvuru çağrısı
competitive deprecation
(Ticaret) rekabetçi değer düşmesi
competitive economies
(Ticaret) rekabetçi ekonomiler
competitive equilibrium
(Ticaret) rekabetçi denge
competitive equilibrium
(Ticaret) tam rekabet dengesi
competitive examination
(Eğitim) seçme sınavı
competitive exclusion
(Denizbilim) yarıştan atılan
competitive inhibition
(Gıda) rekabetli baskılama
competitive inhibition
(Gıda) rekabetli inhibisyon
competitive inhibition
(Biyokimya) yarışmalı engelleme
competitive labor market
(Ticaret) rekabetçi emek piyasası
competitive market
(Ticaret) rekabetçi piyasa
competitive market
rekabetçi pazar
competitive market conditions
(Ticaret) rekabetçi piyasa koşulları
competitive party systems
(Politika, Siyaset) rekabetçi parti sistemleri
competitive position
(Ticaret) rekabetçi konum
competitive prices
(Ticaret) rekabetçi fiyatlar
competitive rivalry
(Ticaret) rekabetçi davranış
competitive salary package
(Ticaret) rekabetçi maaş paketi
competitive spirit
rekabet ruhu
competitive strategy
(Ticaret) rekabetçi strateji
competitive market
rekabet piyasası
competitive power
rekabet gücü
competitive price
rekabetçi fiyat
Competitive rowing
(Spor) Kürek yarışı

Competitive rowing is one of the most physically demanding sports.

competitive dancing
rekabetçi dans
competitive environment
rekabet ortamı
competitive market
(Ekonomi) Serbest piyasa, rekabetçi piyasa
competitive policy
rekabet politikası
competitive price
rekabet fiyatı
competitive rates of interest
rekabetçi faiz oranları
competitive sport
rekabet spor
competitive wage rate
rekabetçi ücret
competitive capacity
(Avrupa Birliği) rekabet gücü
competitive devaluation
(Ticaret) rekabet devalüasyonu
competitive tendering
(Ticaret) rekabetçi ihale
rekabetçi bir şekilde
competitive edge
(Ticaret) rekabet üstünlüğü
competitive edge
(Ticaret) rekabet avantajı
competitive edge
(Ticaret) avantaj
(Ticaret) rekabet gücü
rekabet yeteneği
agonistic, competitive
Rekabetçi agonistik
most competitive
en rekabetçi
rekabetçi olmayan
rekabet öncesi
Rekabet öncesi, rekabet öncesine yönelik
customer competitive review
(Ticaret) müşteri rekabet notu
highly competitive market
(Ticaret) rekabetin çok olduğu piyasa
İngilizce - İngilizce
likely to better competition
that inhibits the action of an enzyme by binding with it
Cheap, especially used for quality products
of or pertaining to competition
being inclined to compete
characterized by rivalry
involving competition or competitiveness; "competitive games"; "to improve one's competitive position"
Not alone on a story "We're competitive on this shooting "
A competitive person is eager to be more successful than other people. He has always been ambitious and fiercely competitive I'm a very competitive person and I was determined not be beaten. + competitively com·peti·tive·ly They worked hard together, competitively and under pressure. + competitiveness com·peti·tive·ness I can't stand the pace, I suppose, and the competitiveness, and the unfriendliness
showing a fighting disposition without self-seeking; "highly competitive sales representative"; "militant in fighting for better wages for workers"; "his self-assertive and ubiquitous energy"
{s} involving competition; tending to compete, desiring competition
situation (Invitation-to/for-Bid)
subscribing to capitalistic competition
Goods or services that are at a competitive price or rate are likely to be bought, because they are less expensive than other goods of the same kind. Only those homes offered for sale at competitive prices will secure interest from serious purchasers. + competitively com·peti·tive·ly a number of early Martin and Gibson guitars, which were competitively priced. + competitiveness com·peti·tive·ness It is only on the world market that we can prove the competitiveness and quality of our goods
Federal positions normally filled through open competitive examination nder civil service rules and regulations About 60 percent of all Federal positions are in the competitive service
government subsidized
Of or pertaining to competition; producing competition; competitory; as, a competitive examination
subscribing to capitalistic competition involving competition or competitiveness; "competitive games"; "to improve one's competitive position
Competitive is used to describe situations or activities in which people or firms compete with each other. Only by keeping down costs will America maintain its competitive advantage over other countries Japan is a highly competitive market system Universities are very competitive for the best students. + competitively com·peti·tive·ly He's now back up on the slopes again, skiing competitively in events for the disabled
competitive advantage
something that places a company or a person above the competition
competitive eating
Sport where participants have to consume vast amounts of food in a short time
competitive edge
the factors that give a company an advantage over its competitors in the marketplace One theory of entrepreneurship is that the venture must develop some competitive edge over its competition if it is to profitably exist in the market
competitive wage rate
A payment to employees for work that is generally equivalent to the payment made to others performing similar work
competitive advantage
The significant advantages that an organisation has over competitors Such advantages allow the organisation to add more value than its competitors in the same market
competitive advantage
a term popularized by Michael Porter of Harvard Business School and author of the business classic "Competitive Strategy", it is the unique blend of activities, assets, relationships, history, and market conditions that an organization exploits in order to differentiate itself from its competitors, and thus create value View records related to this term
competitive advantage
The strategic development where customers will choose a firm's product or service over its competitors based on significantly more favorable perceptions or offerings
competitive advantage
the element that makes one company better than its competitors: a better product or service, lower prices (due to economies of scale), etc
competitive advantage
an advantage gained over competitors by offering consumers greater value, either by means of lower prices or by providing greater benefits
competitive advantage
an advantage a business has over its competitors because of the quality or superiority of products or services which will persuade customers to buy from them rather than from competitors
competitive advantage
The strategies, skills, knowledge, resources or competencies that differentiate a business from its competitors
competitive advantage
Related to products, an advantage over competitor products, achieved through functional benefit or end-user emotional benefit See: Sundberg-Ferar Mission Statement, Attractive, Cost-Effective, Innovative
competitive advantage
the distinctive feature or features that makes a business successful
competitive advantage
– Use of resources to provide better or cheaper services than others can provide with those same resources
competitive advantage
Competitive advantage results from either higher benefits for customers or lower costs or both
competitive advantage
providing a product or service in a way that customers value more than the competition's
competitive advantage
More inputs/outputs More neurons per layer More neural models to choose from Hybrid supervised/unsupervised topologies
competitive advantage
Offering a different benefit then that of your competitors
competitive advantage
Occurs when one company can make more profits selling its products or services than its competitors It occurs because a company can charge a premium because their product or service is more valuable, or because they can sell their product for less than their competitors because they are a more efficient producer Rational strategists always seek to establish a long term competitive advantage for their company Many managers associate competitive advantage with the description provided in Michael Porter's Competitive Advantage (1985)
competitive advantage
In order to survive or expand, organisations must seek to gain dominance over their competitors in the marketplace This can be achieved by using a variety of strategies to gain control of a market or prevent others from gaining control
competitive advantage
A factor, such as the ability to demonstrate quality, that helps a managed care organization compete successfully with other managed care organizations for business
competitive advantage
This is the benefit for consumers and/or customers which competitors will find it difficult or uneconomic to replicate
competitive advantage
anything a company does that gives it a better chance of making money than other companies competing with it
competitive advantage
A factor, such as the ability to demonstrate quality, that helps a managed care organization compete successfully with other MCOs for business
competitive advantage
The competitive advantage is a set of factors that rank the company in a more favourable market position than its competitors It arises from individualising unique opportunities Common goods Common goods are goods that are frequently purchased and to which the consumer allocates a limited amount of resources The cost of these goods is low and the selection times are reduced because their features are well known The need for further information is thus seldom required
competitive advantage
The advantage gained by a business that can produce a product better or cheaper than its competitors
competitive advantage
A factor, such as the ability to demonstrate quality, that helps organizations to compete successfully with other MCOs for business
competitive advantage
A firm's ability to do something better, faster, cheaper, or uniquely when compared with rival firms in the market
competitive advantage
a benefit that exists when a firm has a product or service that is seen by its target market as better than that of a competitor
competitive edge
A particular characteristic that makes a firm more attractive to customers than are its competitors Also called competitive advantage
competitive edge
something that puts you ahead of or gives you a unique advantage over your rivals or competitors
competitive environment
the number and types of competitors the marketing manager must face, and how they may behave
competitive environment
The immediate environment surrounding a firm; includes suppliers, customers, competitors, and the like
competitive environment
We have a lot of turnover
competitive environment
that part of the company's external environment which consists of other firms vying for patronage of the same market
competitive environment
The interactive process that occurs in the marketplace in which different organizations seek to satisfy similar markets
competitive game
game in which people contend for victory
In a competitive manner
in competition; "the companies should bid competitively
in competition; "the companies should bid competitively"
The ability of an entity to operate efficiently and productively in relation to other similar entities Competitiveness has been used most recently to describe the overall economic performance of a nation, particularly its level of productivity, its ability to export its goods and services, and its maintenance of a high standard of living for its citizens
an aggressive willingness to compete; "the team was full of fight
A measure of a country's advantage or disadvantage in selling its products in international markets The OECD Secretariat calculates two different measures of competitiveness based on the differential between domestic and competitors’ unit labour costs in manufacturing and export unit values of manufactures both expressed in a common currency (For further detail see notes to Annex Tables 43 and 44) The OECD also produces indices of nominal effective exchange rates (Annex Table 37) Competitiveness indicators are currently calculated for twenty-eight OECD countries, the seven Dynamic Asian Economies and five major emerging market countries (Argentina; Brazil; China; India; and Russia since 1993) Forty-four export markets are considered: 28 OECD countries, twelve non-OECD countries and four zones
{i} quality of being competitive, quality of constantly attempting to surpass the accomplishments of others
an aggressive willingness to compete; "the team was full of fight"
how successful one party is in offering favorable terms and securing the business More favorable terms may involve a lower price, higher quality, a faster delivery time, and other aspects of the product
The state of being competitive