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İngilizce - Türkçe
İngilizce - İngilizce
Having the characteristics of a worthy companion; friendly and sociable

She returned presently, bringing a smoking basin and a basket of work; and, having placed the former on the hob, drew in her seat, evidently pleased to find me so companionable.

{a} fit for a companion
approval If you describe a person as companionable, you mean they are friendly and pleasant to be with. = affable + companionably com·pan·ion·ably They walked companionably back to the house. friendly and pleasant to be with
{s} sociable, amicable, friendly
suggestive of companionship; "a companionable pet
Fitted to be a companion; fit for good fellowship; agreeable; sociable
Pertaining to the quality of friendliness or sociability
suggestive of companionship; "a companionable pet"
In a companionable manner; agreeably, sociably

He had been sitting with her, it appeared, most companionably at home, till her usual hour of exercise — Jane Austen, Emma Volume 2, Chapter 6.

sociably, amicably