come true

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İngilizce - İngilizce
To become real: to become true or existent

Many of their predictions came true, but of course, many did not.

To breed true; to maintain identity of salient characteristics through propagation processes
be realized, materialize
dream come true
Something which has long been desired or hoped for and which has finally happened
made a dream come true
realized a fantasy
made his dreams come true
caused him to realize his fantasies
may all your dreams come true
I wish that all your fantasies will be realized
come true

    Türkçe nasıl söylenir

    kʌm tru


    /ˈkəm ˈtro͞o/ /ˈkʌm ˈtruː/


    [ 'k&m ] (verb.) before 12th century. Middle English, from Old English cuman; akin to Old High German queman to come, Latin venire, Greek bainein to walk, go.

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