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İngilizce - İngilizce
To manipulate carefully into a particular situation or position

They coaxed the rope through the pipe.

to fondle, kid, pet, tease
To wheedle, persuade (a person, organisation, animal etc.) gradually or by use of flattery to do something

He coaxed the horse gently into the trailer.

Shortened form of coaxial cable
{v} to wheedle, flatter, fawn upon, entice
co-axial cable Cable with inner and outer conductors used for TV cables and for Ethernet LANs, where the computers usually have T-joints to attach to a single chain of cables which needs to be terminated by resistors
{f} tempt, entice; wheedle, patiently persuade
cylindrical cable used for radio signals, often used to connect antenna to receiver
A cable constructed by using two concentric conductors separated by an insulator
A simpleton; a dupe
Short form of coaxial cable
Types of cables consisting of central conductor surrounded (but insulated from) tube of outer conductor (often foil or braid)--various types of coax include Thick and Thin ethernet
If you coax something such as information out of someone, you gently persuade them to give it to you. The WPC talked yesterday of her role in trying to coax vital information from the young victim
Coaxial; having a common center axis as with the two conductors of a coax cable or coax connector
  See coaxial cable
Two-conductor cable consisting of one conductor surrounded by a shield
A high-quality communications line consisting of a copper wire conductor surrounded by a nonconducting insulator that is in turn surrounded by a woven metal outer conductor, and finally a plastic outer coating 6 9-10
Coaxial cable The thick, round wire that carries most cable TV signals Even when optical fiber is used by a broadband provider to bring services to a neighborhood, the actual connection to businesses and households may remain coaxial
A cable with a single inner conductor and outer shield, used primarily for certain ethernet standards and radio frequency (audio and video) transmission See also: twinax
Referring to coaxial cable, Coax is similar to TV cabling Used for older 10Base2 Ethernet networks
a transmission line for high-frequency signals
Short for coaxial Cabling in which an internal conductor is surrounded by another, outer conductor, thus sharing the same axis
Hesszer Slef
coaxial cable, a center conducting wire separated from an outer braid conductor by a dielectric (insulator) The braid surrounds the dielectric and when connected to ground, prevents (shields) the centre conductor from radiating energy The spacing between conductors, composition of the dielectric and sizes of the conductors determine the impedance of the cable Coax is used to transfer radio frequency energy from the transmitter to the antenna
short for coaxial cable A cable with two conductors One conductor is a wire in the center of the cable The other conductor surrounds the first conductor and they are separated by a layer of insulation Typically coax is used to connect mainframe computers with its devices
(Pronounced as two words, "ko-ax" ) Abbreviation of co-axial cable Wire for data transmission that uses a central conductor surrounded by a layer of insulation, an outer conductor, and a final layer of insulation Coaxial cable is used for a range of devices, including many ethernet networks and cable TV
A term for coaxial cable, comprising a central wire surrounded by dielectric insulator, all encased in a protective sheathing
influence or urge by gentle urging, caressing, or flattering; "He palavered her into going along"
(say co-axe): Coaxial cable Close this window
The cable used to transfer the composite video signal from the camera to the monitor This Coaxial cable consists of a conductor surrounded by a shield and isolated from the shield
To persuade by gentle, insinuating courtesy, flattering, or fondling; to wheedle; to soothe
Shielded cable where the negative conductor provides EMI/RF shielding
Coax cabling is similar to but higher quality than cable TV or antenna cabling There are two types of coax cable used on a network: Thin (10BASE 2) and thick (10BASE 5) Because 10 BASE 5 is rarely used in small networks, only thin Ethernet is being described Remember, in a coax bus or backbone network, if a single connection fails, the entire network may be disabled
If you coax someone into doing something, you gently try to persuade them to do it. After lunch, she watched, listened and coaxed Bobby into talking about himself The government coaxed them to give up their strike by promising them temporary residence permits
Short for Coaxial Single conductor cables with braided shields Used in the 1980's for data transmission Now generally replaced by UTP for data Still used for video
Coaxial cable A round cable with a central conductor and screening around with an insulating medium between
(co-ax, short for coaxial cable)--a type of cabling with a conductor inside a braided-wire shield, arranged co-axially rather than side-by-side as in twisted-pair cabling such as 10BASE-T Coax or Thin-net is more expensive to install and is being phased out
a type of cable that uses a central conductor, insulation, outer conductor/shield and jacket, used for high frequency communications like CCTV or CATV
coax cable
coaxial cable
{n} a wheedler, flatterer, fawner, fondler
past of coax
A person who coaxes
{i} one who coaxes, cajoler; one who teases
One who coaxes
third-person singular of coax
flattery designed to gain favor
Serving to coax
{i} blarney, flattery intended to gain favor
pleasingly persuasive or intended to persuade; "a coaxing and obsequious voice"; "her manner is quiet and ingratiatory and a little too agreeable
pleasingly persuasive or intended to persuade; "a coaxing and obsequious voice"; "her manner is quiet and ingratiatory and a little too agreeable"
present participle of coax
In a coaxing manner
In a coaxing manner; by coaxing
in a cajoling manner; "`Come here,' she said coaxingly
entice by means of gentle persuasion and flattery
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