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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} hisar
{i} iç kale
{i} kale
harp gemisinde zırhlı bölme
İngilizce - İngilizce
A stronghold or fortified place
A strong fortress that sits high above a city
any strong fortress
{n} a fortress, cattle, place of or for arms
In the past, a citadel was a strong building in or near a city, where people could shelter for safety. The citadel at Besançon towered above the river. = fortress
Operational code name for the German attack on the Soviet forces near Kursk, July 1943
An area of a fortress or defended city placed in a high, commanding spot
A castle or fortrress near settlements, to which the people retire in times of danger
a stronghold into which people could go for shelter during a battle
A fortress in or near a city
The citadel of the PBMR is that part of the building that houses the Main Power System, including the Reactor Unit Its function is to protect the systems it encloses from external disturbances that might have the capability to seriously damage them The citadel represents the high leakage vented containment of the PBMR
A place of worship in the Salvation Army, a fortress
{i} fortress, stronghold
(A), in fortification, a small strong fort, constructed either within the place fortified, or on the most inaccessible spot of its general outline; to give refuge for the garrison, that it may prolong the defence after the place has fallen, or to hold out for the best terms of capitulation Citadels generally command the interior of the place, and are useful, therefore, for overawing a population which might otherwise strive to shorten a siege (French, citadelle; Italian, citadella, a little city )
disapproval If you describe a system or organization as a citadel of a particular way of life, usually one you disapprove of, you mean that it is powerful and effective in defending that way of life. The business is no longer regarded as a citadel of commerce. = bastion, stronghold
A fortress in or near a fortified city, commanding the city and fortifications, and intended as a final point of defense
plural of citadel