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İngilizce - İngilizce
A curved depression in a mountainside with steep walls, forming the end of a valley; cwm
{n} a place of sports, or shows
A deep, steep-walled, hollow in a mountain caused by glacial erosion; = corrie (Scotland); = cwm (Wales)
Deep horseshoe-shaped basins formed as a result of glacial erosion, cirques are the ‘headwaters’ of a glacier Cirque formation is initiated when the climate is cool enough in the area to allow snow to remain year-round in small hollows above the snowline Meltwater from these small snowfields seeps into cracks in the surrounding rocks during times of partial melt, then re-freezes as the temperature falls in the winter, fracturing and loosening the bedrock Subsequent meltwater and ice-flow remove the loose debris and the process begins anew Over a period of thousands of years, the cycle of fracturing, erosion, and removal transform the small hollows into spectacular cirques As the glacier retreats and, eventually, completely disappears a lake will often remain in the cirque Such lakes are known as tarn lakes
(Sirk) n a steep basin usually found near the summit of a glaciated mountain where glaciers are plunging down steep slopes
A steep-walled semicircular basin in a mountain caused by glacial erosion After glaciation, the depression may contain a lake
a steep-walled semicircular basin in a mountain; may contain a lake
Glacially eroded rock basin found on mountains Most alpine glaciers originate from a cirque
{i} corrie, cwm, semicircular bowl-shaped hole with steep walls inside a hill or a mountain formed by glacial erosion (Geology); circle; circus (Archaic from French)
A circle; a circus; a circular erection or arrangement of objects
A large size amphitheatre shaped hollow which has been excavated by ice action in mountainous regions
A kind of circular valley in the side of a mountain, walled around by precipices of great height
a deep, steep-walled hollow on a mountainside in which an alpine glacier forms The walls and floor of the cirque are carved by glacial ice to form a bowl shape
Another name for a corrie See corrie
a deep recess in a mountain; it resembles an amphitheater with steep walls
a steep hollow, often containing a small lake, at the upper end of a mountain valley
French name for a corrie, a steep-sided hollow in a mountainside
A semicircular, concave, bowl-like area with a steep face, primarily resulting from erosive activity of a mountain glacier A glacial cirque appears as a amphitheater-like carving in the mountainside, with steep slopes providing headwaters for drainage
a group of mountains that forms a circle
plural of cirque

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    /ˈsərk/ /ˈsɜrk/


    [ 's&rk ] (noun.) 1601. From French cirque, from Latin circus (“ring, circle”), from Indo-European (s)ker (“to turn, to bend”) .

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