catch up with

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İngilizce - Türkçe
hızına yetişmek
-e yetişmek
arayı kapatmak

Büyük bir aileyi geçindirmenin sıkıntıları onunla arayı kapatmak için başlıyor. - The pressures of supporting a big family are beginning to catch up with him.


Onu yakalamak için mümkün olduğu kadar hızlı koştum. - I ran as fast as possible to catch up with her.

Sıkı çalışıp sınıfındaki herkesi yakalamak zorunda. - She has to study hard and catch up with everybody in her class.

aynı düzeye gelmek

Sınıfınla aynı düzeye gelmek için çok çalışmalısın. - You have to study hard to catch up with your class.


Sally iki haftadır okulda yok, bu yüzden sınıfa yetişmek için çok sıkı çalışmak zorunda. - Sally was absent from school for two weeks, so she has to work hard to catch up with her class.

Ona yetişmek için adımlarımı hızlandırdım. - I quickened my steps to catch up with her.

yakalamak için
İngilizce - İngilizce
make up work that was missed due to absence at a later point; "I have to make up a French exam"; "Can I catch up with the material or is it too late?"
If something catches up with you, you are forced to deal with something unpleasant that happened or that you did in the past, which you have been able to avoid until now. Although he subsequently became a successful businessman, his criminal past caught up with him
{f} find a person who did something wrong, find a person who has committed a crime; overtake, catch up to; have an effect on a person who up to the present moment seemed to be free from the ordinary outcomes
When people catch up with someone who has done something wrong, they succeed in finding them in order to arrest or punish them. The law caught up with him yesterday
catch up with and possibly overtake; "The Rolls Royce caught us near the exit ramp"
catch up with

    Türkçe nasıl söylenir

    käç ʌp wîdh


    /ˈkaʧ ˈəp wəᴛʜ/ /ˈkæʧ ˈʌp wɪð/


    [ 'kach, 'kech ] (verb.) 13th century. Middle English cacchen, from Old North French cachier to hunt, from Vulgar Latin captiare, alteration of Latin captare to chase, frequentative of capere to take; more at HEAVE.


    ... grow fast enough, long enough, there’s no longer for you to catch up.  With standards ...

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