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İngilizce - İngilizce
Someone's candidacy is their position of being a candidate in an election. Today he is formally announcing his candidacy for President. candidacies can·di·da·ture the position of being one of the people who are competing in an election candidate candidacy for
the state, or act of being a candidate
The position of a candidate; state of being a candidate; candidateship
Candidacy, or Candidate for Accreditation, status is a preaccreditation status and, unlike accreditation, does not carry with it membership in the Association Candidacy indicates that an institution fulfills the expectations of the Commission's Candidacy Program, which include meeting the General Institutional Requirements (GIRs) Candidacy gives an institution the opportunity to establish a formal, publicly-recognize relationship with the Association It is the recommended approach to seeking accreditation for most non-affiliated institutions An institution granted candidacy is expected to be making progress toward accreditation; candidacy does not automatically assure eventual accreditation
When someone runs for an office Senator Bob Dole and President Clinton are both candidates for the presidency
Acceptance as a candidate for bachelor's degree granting status was a critical point in the accreditation process The Northwest Accreditation Commission reviewed Ricks College's prospectus which had been developed by Academic Council with input from each of the vice presidents' areas The Commission accepted the school's proposal and granted candidacy in March 2001 Ricks College then proceeded to officially become Brigham Young University-Idaho and offer to upper-level courses leading toward bachelor's degrees The name officially changed on August 10, 2001, and the school is now operating as Brigham Young University-Idaho
the campaign of a candidate to be elected
{i} state of being a candidate, state of being an applicant (for a position or job)
announced his candidacy
declared that he will run in the election
announcing one's candidacy
declaring that one will run in the election
filed his candidacy
registered as a contender in an election
filing one's candidacy
registering as a contender in an election
oppose candidacy
present candidates against -, present candidates to oppose -