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İngilizce - İngilizce
A single very brief appearance by a prominent celebrity in a movie or song

Famous comic book writer Stan Lee had a cameo in the Spider-Man movie. He was on screen for perhaps ten seconds, but aficionados distinctly remember him.

To appear in a cameo role
A piece of jewelry, etc., carved in relief
any small engraved or carved work in relief
{n} a picture of only one color
{i} art of carving images on gems or other stones; gem or other stone which has been carved in this manner; short (often one-scene) appearance by a well-known actor in a film with lesser known actors, cameo role
A raised design in a carved stone
engraving or carving in low relief on a stone (as in a brooch or ring)
A carving in relief upon a g em, stone, or shell, especially when differently colored layers of the material are revealed to produce a design of lighter color against a darker background A gem, stone, or shell so carved
A shell or gem material with two distinct colored layers The top layer is carved, the bottom layer provides contrasting background
A coin with a frosted appearance
> A gemstone (usually shell or hardstone) which is carved in relief using contrasting layers, and typically depicts a ladies profile
A coin, usually a Proof strike, with a frosted or satiny central device surrounded by a mirror like field
one on a small scale used as a jewel for personal adornment, or like
A cameo is a short description or piece of acting which expresses cleverly and neatly the nature of a situation, event, or person's character. He played a cameo role, that of a young Aids patient in hospital
A relief carving (a carving that comes up above the surface) on a shell or stone
a coin that has frosty devices and brilliant fields
A single very brief appearance by a prominent actor or actress (or other notable) in a movie
A coin, usually a Proof strike, with a frosted or satiny central device surrounded by a mirrorlike field
A coin, usually struck as a Proof, with a frosted or satiny central device surrounded by a mirrorlike field
A stone or shell cut in relief, using the natural colors of the stone or shell to produce the different shadings of the carving Opposite of intaglio See INTAGLIO
- a type of stein design with low relief made from a translucent, porcelain-like material that allows contrasting background colors to show through the thinnest areas; compare with relief
A dull coated paper, which is particularly useful in reproducing halftones and engravings
The term applied to coins, usually Proofs and prooflike coins, that have frosted devices and lettering that contrast with the fields When this is deep the coins are said to be "black and white" cameos Occasionally frosty coins have "cameo" devices though they obviously do not contrast as dramatically with the fields as the cameo devices of Proofs do Specifically applied by PCGS to those 1950 and later Proofs that meet cameo standards (CAM)
A cameo is a piece of jewellery, usually oval in shape, consisting of a raised stone figure or design fixed on to a flat stone of another colour. a cameo brooch. Hard or precious stone, glass, ceramic, or shell carved in relief above the surface. It is the opposite of intaglio. Surviving cameos date from the early Sumerian period ( 3100 BC) to the decline of Roman civilization, and from the Renaissance to the Neoclassical period of the 18th century. They were carved with mythological scenes and portraits, and many commemorated specific persons. In the 18th-19th century, cameos adorned diadems, belts, brooches, and bracelets
A carving in relief, esp
A style of carving in which the design motif is left and the surrounding surface is cut away leaving the design in relief Cameos in jewelry are often made of shell, although hard stone cameos such as sardonyx are more valuable Cameos have been carved from ancient times, and ancient motifs such as the goddess Athena or a Baccante or follower of Bacchus were popular cameo subjects in Victorian times, through the 1930's Cameos are still being made today in Italy A cameo habille is one in which "jewelry" such as a miniature diamond pendant is actually attached to the carving
Computer-Aided Management of Emergency Operations A system of software applications used to plan for and respond to chemical emergencies Developed by the U S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
A gem, stone or shell with the upper layer carved in relief having a background of contrasting color
Shell carved in relief to show design
A piece of jewelry etc, carved in relief
cameo lighting
A sort of spotlight that accentuates a single person and maybe a few props in the scene
cameo glass
Glassware decorated with figures and forms in coloured glass carved in relief against a glass background of a contrasting colour. It is produced by blowing two layers of glass together. When the glass has cooled, an outline of the design is drawn on the surface and covered with wax. The glass is then etched down to the inner layer, leaving the design outline in relief. Fine cameo glass was produced by the Romans in the 1st century AD. The art was revived by John Northwood in England and Émile Gallé in France in the late 19th century
cameo role
short (often one-scene) appearance by a well-known actor in a film with lesser known actors
A cameo
plural of cameo



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    /ˈkamēˌō/ /ˈkæmiːˌoʊ/


    [ 'ka-mE-"O ] (noun.) 15th century. From Italian cammeo.


    cameoing, cameoed


    ... a Michelle cameo on "Awkward Black Girl". ...
    ... I think we need a cameo on-- ...

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