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İngilizce - Türkçe
ablukaya almak
{i} kuşatma
denizden abluka etmek
çevirip kapat
(Askeri) Abluka, abluka kuvveti
(Tıp) Retiküloendotelyal hücrelerin yabancı mikro-organizmaları içine alıp yok etme (fagositoz) yeteneğini geçici olarak ortadan kaldırma, dolayısıyla hastanın enfeksiyona karşı reaksiyonunu önleme (zararsız bir boya maddesi v.s. nin i.enjeksiyonu sonucu)
abluka,v.ablukaya al: n.abluka
{f} kuşatmak
etrafını çevirmek
çevirip kapatma
(Askeri) ABLUKA KUVVETİ: Ablukayı mümkün kılan silahlı kuvvetler
blockaderabluka eden düşman gemisi
(Tıp) Anestetik madde enjeksiyonu ile sinirsel iletimi ortadan kaldırma, sinirsel iletimin kesilmesi
run the blockade ablukayı yarmak
blockade runner
ablukayı yaran kimse
lift a blockade
ablukayı kaldırmak
lift blockade
ablukayı kaldırmak
lift blockade
ablukayı dağıtmak
raise the blockade
ablukayı kaldırmak
remove blockade
ablukayı dağıtmak
remove blockade
ablukayı kaldırmak
economic blockade
ekonomik abluka
military blockade
askeri kuşatma
ablukaya al
absolute blockade
(Askeri) mutlak abluka
impose a blockade
ablukaya almak
raise a blockade
ablukayı kaldırmak
raise/lift a blockade
ablukayı kaldırmak
run a blockade
ablukayı yarmak
run the blockade
ablukayı yarmak
to blockade
abluka altında tutmak
to blockade
ablukaya almak
to blockade
abluka altına almak
to blockade
abluka etmek
violation of blockade
(Askeri) ablukanın bozulması
İngilizce - İngilizce
The ships or other forces used to effect a naval blockade
Any form of formal isolation of something, especially with the force of law or arms
The isolation of something, especially a port, in order to prevent commerce and traffic in or out
To create a blockade against
the shutting up of a town, a frontier, or a line of coast by hostile forces
{v} to shut up or in, surround, inclose
{n} the military shutting up of a place
usually of pawns - a pawn may be blockaded by an enemy piece or pawn standing in front of it The same effect may be achieved by good control of the square in front of it so that it would be taken without compensation if it advanced example?
closing off of a place with military to control people who enter or exit
a war measure that isolates some area of importance to the enemy
a defensive strategy aimed at preventing the advance of an enemy pawn, especially a passed pawn, by stationing a piece directly in front of it and guarding that square with other pieces or pawns
the surrounding or blockading of a place, especially a port, by an enemy to prevent entry and exit of supplies It is an illegal act under international law as it is construed as an act of war
a war measure that isolates some area of importance to the enemy prevents access or progress impose a blockade on obstruct access to
{i} siege, barrier, closure by sea
To block or prevent the import or export of supplies from a port
impose a blockade on
obstruct access to
A contiguous or nearly contiguous series of blocks arranged to prevent escape of the opponent's runners
The shutting up of a place by troops or ships, with the purpose of preventing ingress or egress, or the reception of supplies; as, the blockade of the ports of an enemy
To shut up, as a town or fortress, by investing it with troops or vessels or war for the purpose of preventing ingress or egress, or the introduction of supplies
prevents access or progress
hinder or prevent the progress or accomplishment of; "His brother blocked him at every turn"
The isolation by a warring nation of an enemy area by troops or warships to prevent passage of persons or supplies
{f} besiege, block, obstruct
render unsuitable for passage; "block the way"; "barricade the streets"; "stop the busy road"
A game condition in Star Empires in which the transfer of RU is not allowed due to a significantly large presence of foreign ships
A situation where a piece or a pawn is prevented from advancing by an opposing piece or pawn
The ships or other forces used to effect the blockade
where an army or navy controls who goes into or out of a place
To obstruct entrance to or egress from
A blockade of a place is an action that is taken to prevent goods or people from entering or leaving it. Striking lorry drivers agreed to lift their blockades of main roads the economic blockade of Lithuania
Hence, to shut in so as to prevent egress
The formal use of the military of one or more states to disrupt or cut off trade or communication between an enemy state and its allies or partners The USA used a naval blockade to prevent shipment of Soviet missiles to Cuba in 1962
Union warships blocked the southern coast, cutting off trade and supplies from port cities
A series of blocks arranged to prevent escape of the opponent's runners
See note under Blockade, n
An obstruction to passage
If a group of people blockade a place, they stop goods or people from reaching that place. If they blockade a road or a port, they stop people using that road or port. Truck drivers have blockaded roads to show their anger over new driving regulations. to put a place under a blockade. Act of war whereby one party blocks entry to or departure from an enemy area, often a coast. Blockades are regulated by international law and custom, which require advance warning to neutral states and impartial application. Penalties for breach of blockade are seizure of ship and cargo and their possible condemnation as lawful prizes. Neutral ships may not be destroyed for blockade running
blockade runner
A vehicle, mainly refering to a naval one, with the purpose to bring cargo across a military blockade
blockade runners
plural form of blockade runner
blockade whiskey
Home made liquor, produced legaly or otherwise
blockade whiskey
Illegally distilled whiskey; moonshine
blockade whiskeys
plural form of blockade whiskey
a ship that runs through or around a naval blockade
Coulomb blockade
the increased resistance observed at low temperatures in some semiconductor devices
A ship used in blockading
A person who blockades
Berlin blockade and airlift
(1948-49) International crises that arose from an attempt by the Soviet Union to force the Allied powers (U.S., Britain, and France) to abandon their postwar jurisdictions in West Berlin. The Soviets, regarding the economic consolidation of the three Allied occupation zones in Germany in 1948 as a threat to the East German economy, blockaded all transportation routes between Berlin and West Germany. The U.S. and Britain responded by supplying the city with food and other supplies by military air transport and airlifting out West Berlin exports. An Allied embargo on exports from the Eastern bloc forced the Soviets to lift the blockade after 11 months
past of blockade
One who blockades
A vessel employed in blockading
{i} person or thing which closes off or obstructs passage
third-person singular of blockade
present participle of blockade
blocking entrance to and exit from seaports and harbors; "the blockading ships prevented delivery of munitions
human blockade
wall of people
naval blockade
the interdiction of a nation's lines of communication at sea by the use of naval power
raise a blockade
end a siege
run a blockade
avoid a blockade, dodge and obstacle
sea blockade
closure or barricade built on the sea