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(bps) The number of binary digits, or bits, transmitted every second during a data transfer A measurement of the speed of operation of equipment such as a computer's data bus, or a modem connecting a computer to a transmission line
The data transfer rate that specifies the number of bits that a computer system can transmit per second The latest computer modems are designed to allow transfer rates up to 56 thousand bits per second although the quality of telephone lines can reduce the transfer speed Cable modems and network connections provide much higher transfer speeds than computer modems
The speed at which bits are transmitted
The number of bits that are transmitted in one second
The rate at which individual bits are transmitted across a communications link or circuit; written bit/s One thousand bit/s is 1 Kbit/s, and one mil ion bit/s is 1 Mbit/s
In serial transmission, the instantaneous bit speed with which a device transmits a character
Measure of data transmission for a modem or network As the name implies, bits per second is the number of bits that pass a certain point in one second
The rate of data transmission pertaining to the number of pulses in one second
The speed of transfer of data over a network
A description of how much data can be transmitted across a carrier A modem might transmit 33 6K bps or a T1 line may carry more than a million bps
The speed at which data bits are transmitted over a communications medium, such as a transmission wire or a modem
A measure of communications speed 8 bits are normally used to encode a single character
The number of bits per second a particular communication facility can send This used to be a synonym for baud, but since multiple bits are sent in a single frequency now, this is no longer a valid comparison Notice also that bits per second and bytes per second can be misleading, because in asynchronous transmission each character requires two extra bits, while in synchronous transmission there are no extra bits, providing higher throughput at the same bits per second
Measurement of the data transmission for a modem or network
The number of bits that travel over a communications line at a given point
A measure of data transmission rate See also: Bit
The number of binary bits that can be transmitted per second - I e Mbps (Mega - millions), Gbps (Giga - billions)
A data transmission speed measurement over a serial link
The speed at which bits are transmitted over a communication medium, such as a modem Kbit kilobit Kbyte or K kilobyteMbit megabitMbyte or MB megabyteGbit gigabitGbyte or GB gigabyte
 A unit used to express the number of bits passing a designated point per second (188)  Note 1: For example, for two-condition serial transmission in a single channel in which each significant condition represents a bit, i e , a 0 or a 1, the bit rate in bits per second and the baud have the same numerical value only if each bit occurs in a unit interval   In this case, the data signaling rate in bits per second is 1/T, where T is the unit interval   Note 2: The abbreviation "bps"  is not in accordance with international standards, and is therefore deprecated
(bps) - A measure of speed at which a device can transfer data Eg 56kbps transfers 56000 bits per second equivalent to 7KBytes/sec High speed modems can transfer 1 5mbps (1,500,000 bits per second) equivalent to 188KBytes/sec Remember there are 8 bits to every byte
A rate of speed of data transfer corresponding to one binary digit, or bit, per second
Data is sent from a spacecraft to a computer on Earth or from computer to computer at specific speeds These speeds are measured in how many bits of data are sent and received each second
unit of speed in data communications
A measure of the speed at which a device, such as a modem, can transfer bits of data
(computer science) the rate at which data is transferred (as by a modem)
A measure of the speed of data transmission; the number of bits of data that can be transmitted each second
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(Bilgisayar) bps
bits per second


    bits per sec·ond

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