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İngilizce - İngilizce
A native or resident of the American state of Oregon
The lower face-guard of a helmet
An aquatic mammal of the genus Castor, having a wide, flat tail and webbed feet
A bever
A tall hat, originally made from beaver fur, worn by men in the 1800s
The pubic hair and/or vulva of a woman
{n} an animal, hat of beaver-fur, covering
1. The female genitals, implying the inclusion of pubic hair. [Orig. U.S.]2. To work hard
work hard on something
A beaver is a furry animal with a big flat tail and large teeth. Beavers use their teeth to cut wood and build dams in rivers
a furry mammal with a flat hairless tail known for cutting trees and saplings for building dams and lodges to create its own habitat
Beaver cloth, a heavy felted woolen cloth, used chiefly for making overcoats
Broad, flat tail, small ears
a full beard
large semiaquatic rodent with webbed hind feet and a broad flat tail; construct complex dams and underwater lodges a hat made of beaver fur or similar material a movable piece of armor on a medieval helmet used to protect the lower face a full beard the soft brown fur of the beaver work hard on something
When one player thinks he is the favorite after accepting a double, he may immediately turn the cube to 4 without forfeiting his option to double again later This is called a "beaver"
large semiaquatic rodent with webbed hind feet and a broad flat tail; construct complex dams and underwater lodges
a man's hat with a tall crown; usually covered with beaver or silk
a hat made of beaver fur or similar material
The manufacturer of the fleecey undersuits
a movable piece of armor on a medieval helmet used to protect the lower face
- Bushworker who cleared skidding and hauling roads
Remains of an extinct beaver – trogontherium cuvieri – were found in the West Runton Freshwater Bed It is possible that beaver lodges represented a ready supply of felled wood for Mesolithic and early man The incisors may have been used as tools The tail is edible
A hat, formerly made of the fur of the beaver, but now usually of silk
the soft brown fur of the beaver
Buddha Bull
That piece of armor which protected the lower part of the face, whether forming a part of the helmet or fixed to the breastplate
It was so constructed (with joints or otherwise) that the wearer could raise or lower it to eat and drink
Beaver is the fur of a beaver. a coat with a huge beaver collar. beaver away to work very hard, especially at writing or calculating something beaver away at. Either species of the aquatic rodent family Castoridae (genus Castor), both of which are well known for building dams. Beavers are heavyset and have short legs and large, webbed hind feet. They grow as large as 4 ft (1.3 m) long, including the 1-ft (30-cm) tail, and as heavy as 66 lb (30 kg). Beavers build their dams of sticks, stones, and mud in small rivers, streams, and lakes, often producing sizable ponds. With their powerful jaws and large teeth, they can fell medium-size trees, whose branches they use in their dams and whose tender bark and buds they eat. One or more family groups share a dome-shaped stick-and-mud lodge built in the water, with tunnel entrances below water level. American beavers (C. canadensis) range from northern Mexico to the Arctic. Their prized pelts stimulated the exploration of western North America, and by 1900 beavers were trapped to near extinction. Eurasian beavers (C. fiber) are now found in only a few locations, including the Elbe and Rhône drainages of Europe. The mountain beaver of the Pacific Northwest is unrelated
An amphibious rodent, of the genus Castor
{i} large semiaquatic rodent; fur pelt from this animal; costly felt hat made from felted beaver fur
The fur of the beaver
beaver away
To busily undertake a large task

She won't be going out much, as she's beavering away on her thesis.

beaver dam
The lodge of a beaver, in the form of a river dam, with an underwater entrance
beaver dams
plural form of beaver dam
beaver leaver
Term used to describe a man acting timid towards an attractive female
beaver leaver
Term used to describe a man declining the opportunity of scoring with a woman
beaver away
work hard on something
beaver away
If you are beavering away at something, you are working very hard at it. They had a team of architects beavering away at a scheme for the rehabilitation of District 6 They are beavering away to get everything ready for us
beaver board
a light wallboard made of compressed wood pulp
beaver buck
Canadian one dollar bill
beaver rat
amphibious rat of Australia and New Guinea
beaver state
Oregon; a nickname
American beaver
A species of beaver, Castor canadensis, native of North America
American beaver
An individual of this species
European beaver
A species of beaver, Castor fiber, native of Europe
busy as a beaver
Very busy
busy beaver
Someone who is very busy or hard-working

Wow! Laundry, dishes, and errands, all in one day? You've been a busy beaver.

eager beaver
One (especially a child) who is very excited or enthusiastic to begin a task
{a} covering with or having a beaver
Covered with, or wearing, a beaver or hat
plural of beaver
eager beaver
one who is extremely enthusiastic about something, one who is very eager to do something
eager beaver
an alert and energetic person
mountain beaver
bulky nocturnal burrowing rodent of uplands of the Pacific coast of North America; the most primitive living rodent
new world beaver
a variety of beaver found in almost all areas of North America except Florida
old world beaver
a European variety of beaver



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    /ˈbēvər/ /ˈbiːvɜr/


    [ 'bE-v&r ] (noun.) before 12th century. Old English beofor, from Proto-Germanic *bebruz (compare Dutch bever, German Biber, Swedish bäver), from Proto-Indo-European *bʰébʰrus 'beaver' (compare Welsh befer, Latin fiber, Lithuanian bẽbras, Russian бобр (bobr), Avestan bawra, bawri, Sanskrit babhrú 'mongoose; reddish-brown'), from Proto-Indo-European *bʰreu- 'shining, brown'. Related to brown and bear.

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