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İngilizce - İngilizce
curved into the shape of a bow
Curved like a bow (14)
having the form of a bow; curved; arc-shaped
Bent or curved in the form of a bow
forming or resembling an arch; "an arched ceiling"
arched, moderately curved, bent like a bow Arcuate venation means the veins are pinnate with secondary veins arcuate and running parallel to the leaf's margin
{s} bent, curved, in the shape of a bow
arcus (bow)
arcuate artery
curved artery in the foot
arcuate artery of the kidney
curved arteries of the kidney
arcuate nucleus
Any of various specialized groups of nerve cells in the medulla oblongata, thalamus, or hypothalamus of the brain
arcuate vein of the kidney
veins that receive blood from interlobular veins of kidney and rectal venules





    [ 'är-ky&-w&t, -"wA ] (adjective.) 1626. Latin arcuatus, past participle of arcuare to bend like a bow, from arcus bow.

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