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الإنجليزية - التركية
{i} otel

O bu şehirdeki en büyük oteldir. - This is the biggest hotel in this city.

Bir otel rezervasyonu istiyorum. - I'd like a hotel reservation.

(isim) otel
(Argo) pub
hotel chain
(Turizm) oteller zinciri
hotel desk clerk
otel görevlisi
hotel detective
otel dedektifi
hotel management
konakçı işletmeciliği
hotel manager
konakçı müdürü
hotel manager
otel yöneticisi
hotel bill
otel faturası
hotel clerk
Otel katibi
hotel guest
Otel konuk
hotel keeper
Otel kaleci
hotel management
hotel rate
Otel oranı
hotel room
otel odası
hotel area
otel bölgesi
hotel front desk personnel
otel ön büro personeli
hotel housekeeping
otel kat hizmetleri
hotel housekeeping
otel bakımı
hotel keeper
hotel keeper
otel işletmecisi
hotel laundry
(Turizm) otel çamaşırhanesi
hotel management
otel yönetimi
hotel management
otel işletmeciliği
hotel management school
otel işletmeciliği okulu
hotel restaurant
(Gıda) otel’in restoranı
hotel we are staying
kaldığımız otel
hostel, inn, tavern, cheap hotel
hostel, han, lokali, ucuz otel
check out of a hotel
(Turizm) otelden ayrılmak
convention hotel
(Turizm) toplantı oteli
hotel price
(Turizm) otel ücreti
partner hotel
ortak çalışılan otel
pick up from the hotel
otelden almak
resort hotel
(Turizm) kıyı oteli

Tom bir kıyı otelinde çalışarak haftada 900 dolar yapar. - Tom makes $900 a week working at a resort hotel.

thermal hotel
(Turizm) kaplıca oteli
thermal hotel
(Turizm) termal otel
five-star hotel
beş yıldızlı konakçı
put up at a hotel
konakçıda konaklamak
temperance hotel
içki bulundurmayan konakçı
airport hotel
havaalanı otel
book s.o. into a hotel
biri için otelde rezervasyon yapmak
boutique hotel
Yapısal özelliği, mimari tasarımı, tefriş, dekorasyon ve kullanım malzemesi yönünden özgünlük arz eden, işletme ve servis yönünden üstün standart ve yüksek kalitede, deneyimli veya konusunda eğitimli personel ile kişiye özel hizmet verilen ve aşağıda belirtilen nitelikleri taşıyan en az 10 odalı otellerdir
chain hotel
Bir oteller zincirinin otellerinden her biri
deluxe hotel
lüks otel
family hotel
ailelere kolaylık sağlayan otel
hyatt hotel
Hyatt Otel
maitre d'hotel
Şef garson
resort hotel
Tatil, dinlence gibi ihtiyaçlar için gidilen hotel
running the hotel
oteli işletmek
running the hotel
oteli çalıştırmak
apartment hotel
(Mimarlık) apart otel
can i get off at the hotel
otelde inebilir miyim
can i join the tour at the hotel
turla otelde buluşabilir miyim
can i reserve a hotel room here
burada bir otel odası rezervasyonu yapabilir miyim
can you recommend another hotel
başka bir otel tavsiye eder misiniz
check in at the hotel
otele yerleşmek
check into a hotel
otele yerleşmek
countryside hotel
(Turizm) kır oteli
does the hotel have a bar
otelinizin barı var mı
does the hotel have a beauty shop
otelinizin güzellik salonu var mı
does the hotel have a garage
otelinizin garajı var mı
does the hotel have a laundry service
otelinizin çamaşırhanesi var mı
does the hotel have a restaurant
otelinizin restoranı var mı
does the hotel have a sauna
otelinizin saunası var mı
does the hotel have a souvenir shop
otelinizin hediyelik eşya mağazası var mı
does the hotel have a swimming pool
otelinizin havuzu var mı
does the hotel have cable television
otelinizin kablolu televizyonu var mı
international hotel guide
(Turizm) uluslararası otel rehberi
is the hotel far from here
otel buradan uzak mı
is there another hotel nearby
yakında başka bir otel var mı
luxury hotel
maitre d'hotel
manage a hotel
otel işletmek
manager of hotel
otel müdürü
please give me a business card with the hotel's address
lütfen otelin adresi olan bir kartvizit verin
please send a car to my hotel
arabayı lütfen otelime gönderin
put up at a hotel
otelde konaklamak
responsibility of hotel keeper
otelcinin mesuliyeti
stay in a hotel
otelde kalmak
take me to this hotel, please
beni bu otele götürün lütfen
temperance hotel
içkisiz otel
where is the nearest hotel
en yakın otel nerede
will you send it to my hotel
bunu otelime gönderir misiniz
will you send it to the hotel with a receipt
bunu faturası ile birlikte otele gönderir misiniz
would you tell me how to get to this hotel
bu otele nasıl gidebilirim
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
(Australian-English, New Zealand-English) A public house, once traditionally providing accommodation, but now rarely
The larger red properties in the game of Monopoly, in contradistinction to houses
The letter H in the ICAO spelling alphabet
An establishment that provides accommodation and other services for paying guests; normally larger than a guest house, and often one of a chain
{i} place which provides overnight lodging and other services
A hotel is a building where people stay, for example on holiday, paying for their rooms and meals. a building where people pay to stay and eat meals stay at/in a hotel (hôtel, from hostel; HOSTEL). Building that provides lodging, meals, and other services to the traveling public on a commercial basis. Inns have existed since ancient times (e.g., along the Roman road system during the Roman Empire) to serve merchants and other travelers. Medieval European monasteries operated inns to guarantee haven for travelers in dangerous regions. The spread of travel by stagecoach in the 18th century stimulated the development of inns, as did the Industrial Revolution. The modern hotel was largely the result of the railroads; when traveling for pleasure became widely popular, large hotels were often built near railroad stations. In 1889 the Savoy Hotel in London set a new standard, with its own electricity and a host of special services; the Statler Hotel in Buffalo, N.Y. (1908), another landmark, catered to the growing class of business travelers. After World War II, new hotels tended to be larger and were often built near airports. Hotel chains became common, making purchasing, sales, and reservations more efficient. Hotels fall into three categories: transient hotels; resort hotels, intended primarily for vacationers; and residential hotels, essentially apartment buildings offering room and meal service. See also motel
{n} a palace, an inn for genteel lodgers
In France, the mansion or town residence of a person of rank or wealth
A superior house for the accommodation of strangers, an inn
­ Merchants selling lodging and hospitality services in a face-to-face environment, who normally use conventional terminals and key or swipe their transactions
A building or group of attached or detached buildings containing dwelling or lodging units in which 50 percent or more of the units are lodging units, usually distinguished by a front desk, dining and other common facilities
A building offering its facilities as lodging to the public rather than to a limited private group
The larger red properties in the game of Monopoly, as opposed to houses
Under rent stabilization, a multiple dwelling that provides all of the following services included in the rent
a place where people can pay to stay
Likely to be slightly more expensive and more comfortable than a hostal with the same number of stars
a building where travelers can pay for lodging and meals and other services
A house for entertaining strangers or travelers; an inn or public house, of the better class
n hotel
A building in which lodging or meals and lodging are offered to the general public for compensation and in which ingress and egress to and from the rooms are made primarily through an inside lobby or office The hotel may contain such accessory services and facilities as news-stands, personal grooming facilities and restaurants
A large commercial lodging establishment offering overnight accommodations, a restaurant, meetings rooms, and other amenities
Any establishment offering overnight accommodations
Hotel/Motel (HO/MO) (HOTEL) indicates that this is a hotel/motel line, and provides Automatic Number Identification (ANI) for operator calls Hotel/motel assignment to either a subscriber or an Multi-line Hunt Group (MLHG) results in special AMA treatment This feature is incompatible with Class of Service with Data (HOTLINE) and Virtual Subscriber
A public house, traditionally it provided accommodation, nowadays very rare
hotel bill
statement of charges for staying in a hotel
hotel chain
network of establishments that provide lodging and sometimes food for travelers
hotel detective
a private detective employed by a hotel or retail store
hotel occupancy
occupancy rate for hotels
hotel plan
a plan and a room rate for providing meals to guests at a hotel
hotel room
a bedroom (usually with bath) in a hotel
a building that houses both a hotel and a casino a business establishment that combines a casino and a hotel
A residential building featuring both condominium units and hotel suites, possibly including units used for both purposes
crowbar hotel

If Vick gets 18 months in the crowbar hotel, as speculated, that essentially means two seasons away from the NFL.

love hotel
A short-stay hotel found in Japan and elsewhere, operated primarily for the purpose of allowing couples privacy to have sexual intercourse
welfare hotel
A hotel where people receiving welfare can stay until permanent housing is found
boutique hotel
A stylish small hotel, typically one situated in a fashionable urban location
maitre d'hotel
A sauce of melted butter, chopped parsley, lemon juice, salt, and pepper
maitre d'hotel
A headwaiter
maitre d'hotel
A major-domo
Algonquin Hotel
the Algonquin Hotel a hotel in New York where many famous and wealthy people have stayed
Hyatt Hotel
large hotel chain
Raffles Hotel
a famous old hotel in Singapore, in a beautiful 19th century building. It is a popular place for wealthy people to stay, and is named after Sir Stamford Raffles, who brought Singapore under British control in 1819
apartment hotel
{i} aparthotel, apartotel, hotel comprised of furnished apartments or suites for rental on a weekly or more permanent basis (generally also provides all ordinary hotel services)
chain hotel
hotel that belongs to a large network of hotels (such as Holiday Inn, Sheraton, etc.)
economy hotel
{i} hotel that offers few amenities
five-star hotel
top-rate hotel, high quality hotel, deluxe hotel
four-star hotel
high-quality hotel
plural of hotel
maître d'hôtel
{i} (French) maître d', head waiter; butler; head steward, manager (especially of a hotel or restaurant)
motor hotel
a hotel for motorists; provides direct access from rooms to parking area
resort hotel
a hotel located in a resort area
resort hotel
a fashionable hotel usually in a resort area
run a hotel
manage a hotel
stay at a hotel
spend time at a hotel
telecom hotel
a building that houses telecommunications equipment; "the telecom hotels are prime targets for bombing
the hotel business
all that is related to the maintenance and running of hotels
three-star hotel
hotel of medium prestige, hotel of intermediate quality
tourist class hotel
hotel which is at a reasonable and comfortable level, hotel which is appropriate for tourists
التركية - الإنجليزية

تعريف hotel في التركية الإنجليزية القاموس.

termal otel hotel situated
at a hot spring