get something

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الإنجليزية - التركية
bir şey elde
get something over
bir şeyi bitirmek
get something done
get something out
get something through
kabul ettirmek
get something wrong
get something down to a fine art
(deyim) Bir konuda çalışarak yüksek beceri sahibi olmak
get something fixed
(Bir şeyi) tamir etmek
get something going
(deyim) Bir şeyi başlatmak
get something off one's chest
İçini dökmek
get something off the ground
(deyim) Bir işe tam anlamıyla başlamak, bir işe girişmek

We have been talking about this project for months. Let's get it off the ground.

get something off the ground
yerden bir şey almak
get something out of one's mind
(deyim) Bir şeyi aklından çıkarmak, unutmak
get something out of something
dışında bir şey bir şey olsun
get something repaired
Birşeyi tamir ettirmek
get something right
Bir şeyi doğru anlamak
get something seen
Doktora göstermek

Take her to hospital and get her ankle seen.

get something under control
Bir şeyi kontrol altına almak

The fireman got the forest fire under control.

get something by heart
bir şeyi ezberlemek
get something on the cheap
ucuza almak
get something out in the open
(deyim) bir şeyi açığa çıkarmak
get something out of the way
bir şeyi kenara çekmek
get something over with
bir şeyi yapıp bitirmek
get it
{k} (deyim) anlamak
get a handle on something
Anlamaya/kavramaya başlamak
get the hang of something
Birşeyin yolunu/nasıl yapılacağını öğrenmek
get the most out of something
Birşeyden en iyi şekilde yararlanmak, birşeyden en iyi şekilde istifade etmek
get a grip on something
kontrol altına almak
get a sense of something
Bir şey hakkında fikir edinmek
get away with something
Paçayı sıyırmak, yırtmak
get head around something
(deyim) (Olumsuz cümlelerde) anlayamamak
get it
o olsun
get me

Lütfen beni otel güvenliğine götürün. - Please get me hotel security.

Beni yanlış anlama, Tom. - Don't get me wrong, Tom.

get over something
bir şey üzerine olsun
get someone
Birini anlamak
get the gist of something
(deyim) Bir şeyin özünü anlamak
get the hang of something
(deyim) (bir şeyin) nasıl yapıldığını/çalıştığını öğrenmek; (bir şeyi) anlamak/kavramak; (bir işin) havasına girmek
get to the bottom of something
(deyim) Esas meselenin ne olduğunu öğrenmek
get you
get your hands on something
elde etmek
get (something) on the brain
parmağına sarmak
get (something) on the brain
parmağına dolamak
get hold of somebody/something
nüfuz altına almak
get it
{k} (deyim) cezaya carpilmak veya azar isitmek
get it
{k} zılgıt yemek; gününü görmek: We're going to get it now! Şimdi çattık belaya!
get it
(Fiili Deyim ) 1- anlamak 2- cezaya çarpılmak
get pumped up about something
havaya girmek
get very upset at something
(Argo) bir şeye çok sinirlenmek
get wise to something
(deyim) bir şeyden haberdar olmak
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية

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get something off one's chest
Alternative form of get off one's chest
get something over with
To do something quickly and hastily; without procrastination, especially so as to have something unpleasant behind oneself

I hate getting shots, but it's best just to get it over with.

get something straight
To understand; to clarify

Let me get this straight. You want me to go with him all the way to Portland?.

get something down to a fine art
(deyim) Achieve a high level of skill in something through experience
get something off the ground
(deyim) Get started or set in motion
get something off your chest
Tell someone about something that has been worrying or annoying you for a long time, so that you feel better afterwards

People are able to get things off their chest in these meetings.

get something out of something
(deyim) Benefit from
get something down
bring down, remove from an elevate position; swallow
get something right
perform something correctly, do something properly
get it
To understand, comprehend, or grasp

If they aren't getting it, explain it a different way.

get it
To possess a preferred outlook on a given issue or issues

Her principal really just doesn't get it; that new policy won't prevent any violence.

get it
To realize or understand why a joke is funny

I thought it was hilarious, but she didn't get it.

get it
To get what's coming to one: to feel someone's wrath; to receive punishment; to receive a retaliation; to receive a beating

After the way she spoke to him, she's really going to get it this time.

get you
An expression of encouragement, commonly used sarcastically

Debbie: Ooh, get you! Since when have you ever wanted to listen to the teachers?.

get a handle on something
Find a way to understand a situation in order to control it
get the hang of something
Learn how to do something, esp. when it is not simple or obvious
get around to something
(deyim) Do something after you have intended to do it for some time
get head around something
(deyim) Able to understand something (usually negative)

He's tried to explain the rules of the game dozens of times but I just can't get my head around them.

get out of something
(deyim) Give up or stop a habit or a regular activity

1. I must get out of the habit of finishing off people's sentences for them. 2 If you get out of a routine, it's very hard to get back into it.

get round to something
(deyim) Do something after you have intended to do it for some time
get well into something
(deyim) Get far into something or far along in something
get your hands on something
(deyim) to succeed in obtaining something
get your hands on something
(deyim) to obtain something
get your head around something
(deyim) If you get your head around something, you come to understand it even though it is difficult to comprehend
get it
receive punishment; "You are going to get it!"
get it
catch on, understand something, realize something; suffer the consequences
get it
receive punishment; "You are going to get it!
get it
understand, usually after some initial difficulty; "She didn't know what her classmates were plotting but finally caught on"
get over something
recover from something, forget something
get you
catch you, capture you; kill you; take revenge on you, GETCHA
get something


    get some·thing

    التركية النطق

    get sʌmthîng


    /ˈget ˈsəmᴛʜəɴɢ/ /ˈɡɛt ˈsʌmθɪŋ/


    ... So, you know, before we get something started, I try to ...
    ... So you get something that's truly immersive. ...

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