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İngilizce - İngilizce
An auxiliary; a subordinate
Subordinate; secondary; auxiliary; accessory

very organ of the body, whatever function it may perform, must also perform the other four functions in an ancillary manner.

Something that serves an ancillary function, such as an easel for a painter
{a} relating to a female servant
A proceeding which is auxiliary or subordinate to another proceeding In probate, a proceeding in a state where a decedent owned property but was not domiciled
accessory or supporting
Subordinate to, supplementary
A term used to describe additional services performed related to care, such as lab work, X-ray and anesthesia
Auxiliary; assisting in a subordinate or subservient manner
Services that are not classed as Medical or Hospital More details available (e g Dental/Optical/Physio etc )
relating to something that is added but is not essential; "an ancillary pump"; "an adjuvant discipline to forms of mysticism"; "The mind and emotions are auxilliary to each other"
supplementary, auxilliary; see ancillary met
a dependent structure, often but not always small in scale; associated hierarchically with a primary structure; often found in clusters with other dependent structures
pays for equipment (like wheelchairs) lab and imaging
A proceeding which is auxiliary or subordinate to another proceeding
additional services (other than room and board charges) such as X-rays, anesthesia, lab work, etc Fees charged for ancillary care such as X-rays, anesthesia, and lab work This term may also be used to describe the charge made by a pharmacy for prescriptions which exceed the health insurance plan's maximum allowable cost (MAC)
Subordinate or auxiliary to something or someone else; used in such terms as ancillary administration, ancillary administrator, and ancillary guardian
Designating or pertaining to a document, proceeding, officer, or office, etc , that is subordinate to, or in aid of, another primary or principal one; an ancillary attachment, bill, or suit presupposes the existence of another principal proceeding
Subordinate, subsidiary, auxiliary, supplementary An ancillary use complements a primary use such as an office supply store in an office park and is only to serve the principal uses within the district Area Plans: Specific detailed land use plans, which Loudoun County adopts for various areas of the county
Subservient or subordinate, like a handmaid; auxiliary
Subordinate; secondary; auxiliary
Ancillary means additional to something else. = supplementary
{s} secondary, subordinate; auxiliary; assistant
{i} something that serves as an aide, item that serves as an auxiliary
The ancillary workers in an institution are the people such as cleaners and cooks whose work supports the main work of the institution. ancillary staff. ancillary services like cleaning. = auxiliary Ancillary is also a noun. ancillaries who look after the children in the playground
Ancillary administration
An additional probate in another state Typically required when you own real estate in another state that is not titled in the name of your Trust
Ancillary administration
is a secondary probate administration to dispose of the decedent’s property, often real estate, located in a state other than the one of the decedent’s domicile
Ancillary administration
A probate proceeding necessary when a deceased person owned real estate in a state other than his home state
Ancillary administration
- Additional administration used to dispose of and distribute that portion of the decedent's estate located in a state other than the decedent's domicile state
ancillary administration
An administration subordinate to, and in aid of, the primary or principal administration of an estate
ancillary equipment
auxiliary equipment, supplementary equipment
ancillary relief
The financial Orders available to a Court on divorce FAMILY
ancillary relief
Domestic or matrimonial proceedings in which orders for the payment of maintenance or adjustment of property rights are ancillary to the main subject of the proceedings (for example, a divorce)
ancillary relief
the range of financial orders which the court has power to make on divorce
plural of ancillary