amansız bir şekilde

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Türkçe - İngilizce
Swinging the stick at an opponent when it is below the shoulders, an infraction even if the swing misses its target Usually incurs a minor penalty, but a major penalty if the opponent is injured
and a game misconduct
{i} slash, gash, cut; cutting, gashing; quick and easy method for clearing areas of forest
When a player swings the stick at an opponent Slashing merits a penalty, whether contact is made or not
present participle of slash
weapons skills with slashing type of weapons Skill of 1 allows you to do 20% DMG, skill of 2 40% and so on and so forth to 5 (100% DMG) A skill of 6 allows you to do 100% DMG with Slashing weapons and gives you a +1 to hit with them and so on up to a skill of 10 with a +5 to hit (Paladin, Stonefist, Horde of Nissi) Level 1- Cost: 500XP (20% of total DMG strength + weapon DMG) Level 2- Cost: 750XP (40% of total DMG strength + weapon DMG) Level 3- Cost: 1,125XP (60% of total DMG strength + weapon DMG) Level 4- Cost: 1,500XP (80% of total DMG strength + weapon DMG) Level 5- Cost: 2,250XP (100% of total DMG strength + weapon DMG) Level 6- Cost: 3,375XP +1 to hit Level 7- Cost: 5,000XP additional +1 to hit Level 8- Cost: 7,500XP additional +1 to hit Level 9- Cost: 11,250XP additional +1 to hit Level 10- Cost: 14,000XP additional +1 to hit
The method of applying size to a width of warp yarns on a continuous basis
{s} of someone or something that slashes; critical, sarcastic; driving, pelting; vivid, intense, strong; cool, amazing (Slang)
the application by a slasher of starch or size to a sheet of warp yarn produced in the warping process to protect the warp yarn during the weaving process
swinging a crosse (stick) at an opponent's crosse or body with deliberate viciousness or recklessness, regardless of whether the opponent's crosse or body is struck Slashing is also striking an opponent in the face, head, neck, chest, back, shoulders, or below the waist with the crosse, head or butt end
In forestry, cutting back the less tough, competing vegetation, for example, ground cover like bracken A form of clearing
as if striking with slashing blows; "his slashing demon-ridden cadenza
The placing of a protective film around warp threads of cotton, filament rayon, spun yarn Most warps, it may be safely stated, are slashed or sized, particularly single end warp The method consists of section beams, being run through size or slash liquor, then dried on heated cylinders and finally placed on the one warp beam
Using your stick to hit or attempt to hit an opposing player A minor penalty
A minor penalty called when a player swings his stick at another player
as if striking with slashing blows; "his slashing demon-ridden cadenza"
Slitting a loaf with 1/4" - 1/2" cuts, for the purpose of guiding the bloom of the loaf so that it swells where the baker wants it to and for decorative purposes
amansız bir şekilde