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İngilizce - Türkçe
(Askeri) TETİK MEKANİZMASI: Bir kontrol yüzeyini veya kontrol unsurunu yerinden oynatmak için gerekli kuvveti sağlayan mekanizma
harekete getirici
(Gıda) başlatıcı
hareket veren tahrik kolu
(Mekanik) çalıştırma
harekete geçirici
Uygulayıcı: Bir kumanda aygıtına uyarak denetim düzeninin çalışma koşullarını değiştiren aygıt
(Mühendislik) uyarıcı
mantıksal sürücü
{i} işletici
(Mekanik) tahrik kolu
tahrik edici
hareket veren
actuator disc theory
(Havacılık) aktüatör disk teorisi
actuator duty
aktivatörün görevi
actuator piston
(Otomotiv) hareket verici piston
actuator power
(Bilgisayar) erişim düzeneği gücü
actuator pump
(Otomotiv) hareket verici pompa
actuator sleeve
işletici manşon
actuator solenoid
işletici selenoid
actuator test mode
(Otomotiv) devindirici deney modu
actuator test mode
uyartıcı deney modu
boost pressure actuator
(Otomotiv) takviye basınç kumandası
multi-turn actuator
Çok türlü aktüatör
damper actuator
damper aktüatörü
relay actuator
(Bilgisayar) röle eyleyicisi
relay actuator
baglak (role) eyleyicisi
swirl control actuator
(Otomotiv) türbillans kontrol kumandası
throttle actuator control
ventüri uyartım kontrolü
trigger actuator
(Askeri) TETİK KURMA PARÇASI: Bak. "actuator"
trigger actuator
(Askeri) tetik kurma parçası
vacuum actuator
(Otomotiv) vakum kumandası
İngilizce - İngilizce
The mechanism that moves the head assembly on a disk drive
A relay that controls the flow of electricity
Something that actuates something else, especially a mechanism that causes a device to be switched on or off
A device which performs a mechanical action in response to an input signal, which may be either electric or fluidic
A manually operated or automatically controlled switch or sensor which initiates a signal that can be processed by an access control system
A device that creates mechanical motion by converting various forms of energy to rotating or linear mechanical energy
A device for moving a control surface or throttle by electro-mechanical means
A power mechanism used to initiate motion of the robot (eg a motor which converts electrical, hydraulic, or pneumatic energy to movement of the robot)
That portion of a regulating valve that converts mechanical fluid, thermal energy or electrical into mechanical motion to open or close the valve seats
The mechanism of a switch which operates the contacts
This is the generic term for a device which feedback uses to control the beam Examples are an XCOR (horizontal correction magnet) and PHAS (a phase shifter controlled via a PAU)
A mechanical assembly that positions the read/write head assembly over the appropriate tracks
A mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic or electric device in a control system that furnishes the power to change and/or maintain the position of an element (such as an end-effector) the performs a task The actuator responds to a signal received from the control system
An actuator converts a Simulink signal into SimMechanics force/torque or motion signals
A device used to convert fluid energy into mechanical motion
a mechanism that puts something into automatic action
A means provided to execute the output from the controller, (i e , the control action), through operating a final control element This control action is determined such as to reduce the error between the measured value and desired value of the controlled variable
A device which transforms an electric signal into a measured motion using hydraulic, pneumatic or pyrotechnic (explosive) action
In a closed-loop control system, that part of the final control element that translates the control signal into action by the control device
The mechanism which moves the read/write head in a hard disk drive
a telescopic "leg" of a motion system which, in unison with the other actuators, provides the base's movements
Device that performs an action or outputs a signal in response to a signal from a computer
A device that converts various forms of energy, when given an input, to rotating or linear mechanical motion such as a motor
An electrical mechanism for moving or controlling something indirectly instead of by hand, such as a door lock Output device the PCM controls such as solenoids, relays, fuel injectors and stepper motors
a hardware output device that translates electrical signals into mechanical actions For example a stepper motor that turns its shaft a certain amount in response to an electrical signal received via a digital-to-analog converter from a computer
An actuator is a mechanical device used to move or control an object
A device that clamps the chuck or expanding arbor through the aid of pneumatic or hydraulic energy
A device that allows for the positioning of optical elements in a laser beam or for low-speed beam steering or switching applications Some examples
That portion of a regulating valve which converts mechanical fluid, thermal energy or electrical energy into mechanical motion to open or close the valve seats
One who actuates, or puts into action
{i} person or thing which actuates, activator
plural of actuator
rotary actuator
(computer science) the actuator that moves a read/write head to the proper data track