a to z

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İngilizce - İngilizce
From beginning to the end
Alphabetical order; lexical order

The listings run A to Z.

Over the entirety; completely
Any of a set of street maps of most British towns and cities; properly the Geographer's A–Z Street Atlas

I always keep a small set of A to Zs in the car.

An encyclopedic or comprehensive guide

The A to Z of Typesetting.

All facts related to a subject
Alternative capitalization of A to Z
An A to Z is a book of maps showing all the streets and roads in a particular city and its surrounding towns
An A to Z of a particular subject is a book or programme which gives information on all aspects of it, arranging it in alphabetical order. An A to Z of careers gives helpful information about courses. a book with maps that show every street in a British city
A to Zs
plural form of A to Z
a to z