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Türkçe - İngilizce
{f} market
A formally organized, sometimes monopolistic, system of trading in specified goods or effects

The stock market ceased to be monopolized by the paper-shuffling national stock exchanges with the advent of Internet markets.

A group of potential customers for one's product

We believe that the market for the new widget is the older homeowner.

To make (products or services) available for sale and promote them

We plan to market an ecology model by next quarter.

A geographical area where a certain commercial demand exist

Foreign markets were lost as our currency rose versus their valuta.

The job market or the labour market refers to the people who are looking for work and the jobs available for them to do. Every year, 250,000 people enter the job market. the changes in the labour market during the 1980s
A trading institution held weekly At most places in medieval England and Wales a market was held on a set day, once a week The larger towns had several markets on several days a week
If you say that it is a buyer's market, you mean that it is a good time to buy a particular thing, because there is a lot of it available, so its price is low. If you say that it is a seller's market, you mean that very little of it is available, so its price is high. Don't be afraid to haggle: for the moment, it's a buyer's market
deal in a market
If you are in the market for something, you are interested in buying it. If you're in the market for a new radio, you'll see that the latest models are very different
{i} place where people gather to buy and sell; store for the sale of food; bazaar; fair; demand for goods or services (Economics); rate of purchase and sale (Economics)
The market for a particular type of thing is the number of people who want to buy it, or the area of the world in which it is sold. The foreign market was increasingly crucial. the Russian market for personal computers
means the labour market The reference or comparator markets are large employers in the greater Montreal area, the public and University sectors in Quebec, and the Canadian not-for-profit sector
the total demand for a good; the set of all actual and potential buyers of a good or service; the place where people buy and sell; the process by which buyers and sellers of goods, services and factors of production interact to determine prices and quantifies
The privelege granted to a town of having a public market
Consists of all people and/or organizations who desire (or potentially desire) a good or service, have sufficient resources to make a purchase, and the willingness and ability to buy
The stock market is sometimes referred to as the market. The market collapsed last October. see also black market, market forces, open market
A public place (as an open space in a town) or a large building, where a market is held; a market place or market house; esp
The price for which a thing is sold in a market; market price
A market is a place where goods are bought and sold, usually outdoors. He sold boots on a market stall
the customers for a particular product or service; "before they publish any book they try to determine the size of the market for it"
çarşıda alışveriş etmek