(yelken vb) yürütmek

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Türkçe - İngilizce
(Askeri) light
Unchaste, wanton

Long after lay he musing at her mood, / Much grieu'd to thinke that gentle Dame so light, / For whose defence he was to shed his blood.

{a} bright, not heavy, nimble, airy, trifling
Slight; not important; as, a light error
a device for lighting or igniting fuel or charges or fires; "do you have a light?"
Electromagnetic radiation in the spectral range detectable by the human eye (approx 380 to 720nm)
  In a strict sense, the region of the electromagnetic spectrum that can be perceived by human vision, i e , the visible spectrum, which is approximately the wavelength range of 0 4 μm to 0 7 μm (188)  Note 1:   In the laser and optical communications fields, custom and practice have extended usage of the term light to include the much broader portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that can be handled by the basic optical techniques used for the visible spectrum   Note 2: The region embraced by the term light has not been clearly defined, but by convention and usage, is considered to extend from the near-ultraviolet region of approximately 0 3 μm, through the visible region, and into the mid-infrared region to approximately 30 μm
having a spongy or flaky texture; well-leavened; "light pastries"
That which furnishes, or is a source of, light, as the sun, a star, a candle, a lighthouse, etc
intended primarily as entertainment; not serious or profound; "light verse"; "a light comedy"
any device serving as a source of illumination; "he stopped the car and turned off the lights"
Not heavily burdened; not deeply laden; not sufficiently ballasted; as, the ship returned light
served with extra milk or cream
The part of the electromagnetic spectrum that is detected by the human eye
marked by temperance in indulgence; "abstemious meals"; "a light eater"; "a light smoker"; "ate a light supper"
To start a fire
less than the correct or legal or full amount often deliberately so; "a light pound"; "a scant cup of sugar"; "regularly gives short weight
A window, or space for a window in architecture
Having light; not dark or obscure; bright; clear; as, the apartment is light
{s} not heavy; gentle, not forceful; slight; of little quantity; frivolous, superficial, trivial; dizzy; graceful; cheerful; low in calories
(yelken vb) yürütmek