(isim) eşek [amer.], zayıf at [avus.], zenci [kötü]

listen to the pronunciation of (isim) eşek [amer.], zayıf at [avus.], zenci [kötü]
Türkçe - İngilizce
A black person
A donkey

the Colonel had asked them why the three stars should he, a colonel of the Line, command a dashed nursery for double-dashed bottle-suckers who put on condemned tin spurs and rode qualified mokes at the hiatused heads of forsaken Black Regiments.

{i} donkey, ass (British); boring person (Slang)
British informal
A mesh of a net, or of anything resembling a net
A stupid person; a dolt; a donkey
A negro
A performer, as a minstrel, who plays on several instruments
(isim) eşek [amer.], zayıf at [avus.], zenci [kötü]