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  1. RSPA uses risk management to prioritize compliance activity and address the risk associated with non-compliance RSPA places greater compliance emphasis on materials and packagings associated with materials presenting high hazard to the public such as poisons and flammable gases, explosives, and poison inhalation hazard liquids When packagings are found in non-compliance, risk and benefit/cost assessments are used to determine if an appropriate course of action, such as recall, down-rating or use restriction, is necessary to protect public safety RSPA has developed a "Procedure for Removal of Nonconforming Hazardous Materials Packagings from Service” that delineates a process and assessment guidelines for nonconforming packagings compliance
  2. adherence to all the trial-related requirements, good clinical practice (GCP) requirements, and the applicable regulatory requirements compliance
  3. The state of an organization that meets prescribed specifications, contract terms, regulations or standards compliance
  4. Adherence to the requirements imposed, often by federal regulation, and the responsibilities institutions assume in their receipt The institution signs certifications or representations regarding compliance for most proposals or awards It is important that the institution have systems in place to ensure compliance and maintain adequate records to demonstrate compliance compliance
  5. The procedure a VISA or MasterCard member may use to resolve a dispute between members when no chargeback reason code applies The challenging member must prove financial loss due to a violation of MasterCard and/or VISA rules by the other member compliance
  6. Under most definitions, an application system is Year 2000 compliant when it has been proved to produce accurate results when: using dates in the 1900s using dates looking forward spanning two centuries(1900's/2000s) using dates looking backward spanning two centuries (2000s/1900s) using dates in the 2000s compliance
  7. An affirmative indication or judgment that the supplier of a product or service has met the requirements of the relevant specification, contract or regulation; also the state of meeting the requirements [ANSI-ASQC Standard A3-1987] compliance
  8. The act or process of fulfilling requirements compliance
  9. adhering to or conforming with a regimen of treatment such as CPAP compliance
  10. Refers to the department in a brokerage firm where a watchful eye is supposed to be maintained on all activities regulated by government and self-regulatory organizations Also, companies that keep up with required SEC filings are said to be "in compliance " compliance
  11. The act of meeting all state and federal drinking water regulations compliance
  12. happy friendly agreement compliance
  13. acting according to certain accepted standards compliance
  14. Compliance with something, for example a law, treaty, or agreement means doing what you are required or expected to do. The company says it is in full compliance with US labor laws. when someone obeys a rule, agreement, or demand comply in compliance with sth compliance
  15. a disposition or tendency to yield to the will of others compliance
  16. the act of submitting; usually surrendering power to another compliance
  17. submission, obedience, acquiescence; conformance isim compliance
  18. A state of laboratory operations that ensures activities follow documented protocols GLP compliance is the responsibility of the study director who oversees the facility, the personnel, the materials and the equipment or subcontractors that fall under the compliance protocols A particular instrument is only GLP compliant when validated and verified by the operator for the specific analysis to be performed A vendor cannot claim GLP compliance for its products compliance
  19. A device, computer system or operating system is in compliance with a specification when it implements all functional aspects explicitly stated as required in that specification compliance
  20. To ensure expenditures are conducted in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations, policies, procedures and sound business practices compliance

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