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The act of collaborating
Treasonous cooperation
When the person sharing the application allows other people in the meeting to work in the shared application To allow collaboration, first share the application, and then click the Collaborate button on the NetMeeting toolbar
Involves the range of relationships that the organization establishes to compliment and amplify their program work Topic areas: Governance, Operations Management and Leadership, Advocacy
- person to person peering, where people exchange textual, audio and visual information (instant messaging, shared whiteboards and more sophisticated collaboration facilitates)
A program model in which the LD teacher demonstrates for or team teaches with the general classroom teacher to help a student with LD be successful in a regular classroom
(1) Is a description of a collection of objects that interact to implement some behavior within a context It describes a society of cooperating objects assembled to carry out some purpose (2) It captures a more holistic view of behavior in the exchange of messages within a network of objects (3) Collaborations show the unity of the three major structures underlying computation: data structure, control flow, and data flow (4) A collaboration has a static and a dynamic part The static part describes the roles that objects and links play in an instantiation of the collaboration The dynamic part consists of one or more dynamic interactions that show message flow over time in the collaboration to perform computations A collaboration may have a set of messages to describe its dynamic behavior (5) A collaboration with messages is an interaction
A context that supports a set of interactions See: interaction
Joint efforts to achieve common purposes by sharing resources, responsibilities, and risks across agency lines
-the process of working jointly between two or more different corporations by sharing information such as the availability of supplies, the inventory of products, their shipment status, forecasts, replenishment schedules, etc ; see also Supply Chain Management and Supply Chain Visibility
act of working jointly; "they worked either in collaboration or independently"
The act of working together; united labor
act of cooperating traitorously with an enemy that is occupying your country
act of working jointly; "they worked either in collaboration or independently" act of cooperating traitorously with an enemy that is occupying your country
{i} working together, cooperation; act of collaborating
Organizing collaborative efforts and understanding collaborative leadership
[M206] An object may fulfil a responsibility by collaborating with another object, that is, by sending a message to another object
Collaborative behavior begins when team members work actively with each other to solve or perform their tasks There is a key recognition at this point that skills to perform a given task may require more than one person
As distinct from "alliance," which is a contractual agreement, this term refers to an informal collaboration between a company and an outside entity such as a supplier, customer, even a competitor When referring to internal collaborations, such as different teams or units of an organization working together, the term "Enterprise Integration" is used (Process)
The use of Web-based software for the purpose of sharing information between businesses or organizations Ex: Design collaboration allows engineers at different companies to share plans and data in real time
a key tenet of KM, given that knowledge sharing--among colleagues and customers within and outside of the organization--is an effective means of transferring "know-how" or tacit knowledge between individuals and therefore critical to competitive advantage View records related to this term
A collaboration exists when key personnel from different institutions have substantive involvement in the development and performance of the scientific aspects of a project and the sponsor chooses to make only one award, thereby requiring the lead institution to issue subcontracts or subgrants to the other collaborating institutions
disapproval Collaboration is the act of helping an enemy who is occupying your country during a war. She faced charges of collaboration
Collaboration is the act of working together to produce a piece of work, especially a book or some research. Close collaboration between the Bank and the Fund is not merely desirable, it is essential. scientific collaborations Drummond was working on a book in collaboration with Zodiac Mindwarp
A collaboration is a piece of work that has been produced as the result of people or groups working together. He was also a writer of beautiful stories, some of which are collaborations with his fiancee
a set of institutes participating to the experiment(i e LHC-B Collaboration)
This refers to an active, ongoing partnership between consumers and producers in developing health information This process can increase the likelihood that outcome measurements, assessment criteria and evaluation have greater relevance
a process through which parties who see different aspects of a problem can explore constructively their differences and search for (and implement) solutions that go beyond their own limited vision of what is possible (Taylor-Powell et al , 1998) Program authority structures and resources of the separate agencies are merged
The cooperative efforts planned to take place in implementation of your project including a listing of those organizations with whom you will work to accomplish your outcomes
People in different places working together as if they were in the same location
A coalition of diverse people with diverse values and expectations working together at the community level to solve problems
is the process of shared creation: two ore more individuals with complementary skills interacting to create a shared understanding that none had previously possessed or could have come to on their own
A social skill involving working together with two or more persons
This is the problem and the goal Collaboration is the intended result from B2B partnering and supplying Partners exchange leads, deliver products and services to each others customers, track and fulfill quotas, and conduct joint development Suppliers ensure the inventory requirements of their buyers are met, materiel returns are minimized and assembly lines don't run dry Collaboration requires data sharing and business transactions within approved processes and rules, automating data and work flow but highlighting decisions and problem resolution (see eBusiness)
Higher level achievement through collaboration may be the most difficult goal for an organization Problems have grown so complex, and moved beyond single individuals, collaboration is a must
social collaboration
A process that helps multiple people share information utilizing interpersonal and social networks to achieve any common goal An emphasis on social collaboration was seen in the arrangement of the physical classroom, including the grouping of desks and use of learning centers.