yapmacık kibarlık

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Türkçe - İngilizce
By extension: A deceptively showy appearance
To gloss over a defect
To cover up with varnish
{v} to set a gloss, adorn, cover, palliate
Clear or pigmented coatings formulated with various resins and designed to dry by chemical reaction on exposure to air These coatings are intended to provide a durable transparent or translucent solid protective film
a thin, protective coating applied to a printed sheet for protection or to add a glossy appearance
A thin, protective coating applied to a printed sheet for protection or appearance
That which resembles varnish, either naturally or artificially; a glossy appearance
a transparent, protective coating applied to the canvas after the oil is completely dry It can prevent scratches from accidental blows, and is fairly easily removed if there is a long term accumulation of dirt Otherwise, the dirt becomes embedded into the paint surface, and cleaning becomes a painstaking task However, varnishes, especially when old, can become yellow, and need removal if the painting is to be seen properly
A clear liquid applied to the printed surfaces for looks and protection Can be flood (entire page) or spot (specific areas of the page)
A thin, clear coating applied to a printed piece for protection or special effect
A solution of resin used to coat paintings This top layer coating both protects the piece and controls gloss Varnish is also used as an ingredient in some mediums
A clear coating put on by the press to prevent marking or to add shine to pictures This counts as another color when figuring an estimate
A thickened preparation of drying oil or drying oil and resin suitable for spreading on surfaces to form continuous, transparent coatings, or for mixing with pigments to make enamels
It is varnishing with special layer the final preparation of the book Vignette - It is the ornament collection of many corps with which unlimited ornaments combinations are done
A colorless transparent ink used for special effects or as a protective coating Varnish can have a matte or glossy finish
cover with varnish
A printed coating applied over a printed sheet to add gloss and protection
Varnish in the printing process is just like varnish at home When a color piece is varnished after printing, the resulting piece has a very bright and shiny finish
A coating added on top of paper to serve as protection, or enhance appearance Varnishes are very effective in adding emphasis or eye-appeal to printed material Gloss and dull varnishes are available
yapmacık kibar
yapmacık kibarlık