yanlış bir düşünceden kurtarmak

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Türkçe - İngilizce
to free or deprive someone of illusion; to disenchant someone
to disenchant
The act or process of freeing from an illusion, or the state of being freed therefrom
Disillusion is the same as disillusionment. There is disillusion with established political parties. to make someone realize that something which they thought was true or good is not really true or good
the act or state of disenchanting or freeing from a false belief
freeing from false belief or illusions
{i} freedom from illusion
To free from an illusion; to disillusionize
free from enchantment
If a person or thing disillusions you, they make you realize that something is not as good as you thought. I'd hate to be the one to disillusion him
{f} disappoint, destroy an illusion, free from illusion
yanlış bir düşünceden kurtarmak