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Türkçe - İngilizce
In every direction, especially of an antenna capable of transmitting or receiving signals in all directions, or of a microphone capable of detecting sound from all directions

An omnidirectional radio beacon.

Capable of picking-up sound or radiating sound equally from all directions; as with an unidirectional microphone or subwoofer
Radiating in all directions; also, the radiation pattern of a speaker that radiates in all directions
Bar codes which can be read in any orientation relative to the scanner
Refers to the characteristic of some bar code formats to be able to read regardless of orientation, or to the characteristics of some readers to read a bar code regardless of the bar code's orientation to the reader
The ability A description of a transponder's ability to be read in any orientation
{s} in every direction; from every direction (especially about radio waves)
Bar codes which scanners can read from many orientations
Literally, from all directions In audio, microphones are said to be omnidirectional if they can detect sound equally from all directions Speakers are omnidirectional if they radiate sound in all directions equally; this tends to be the case with subwoofers and low frequency drivers Low frequencies, in general, tend to be omnidirectional, versus high frequencies which tend to "beam" or be very directional
Deriving from the word omni meaning all or everywhere, literally means 'from all directions'
A microphone with uniform sensitivity to sound arriving from all directions is said to have an omnidirectional pattern
Applied to microphones to refer to uniform pickup of sound from all directions
not directional; "omnidirectional antenna
Capability of a tag to operate in any orientation
not directional; "omnidirectional antenna"
All hearing aid systems which use a single microphone opening are considered to be omnidirectional These pick-up sound, in theory, equally from all directions Both digital and analog hearing aids can be omnidirectional
Sending or receiving sound waves in or from any direction 360 degrees receiving capability
yöneltmesiz anten
nondirectional antenna
yöneltmesiz mikrofon
nondirectional microphone