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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} işyeri

Boş kafa şeytanın işyeridir. - An empty head is the devil's workshop.


Tom'un bodrumunda bir atölyesi var. - Tom has a workshop in his basement.

Atölyesinde bir tablo yapıyor. - He's making a table in his workshop.

atelye çalışması
zanaatçıya ait atölye
(Bilgisayar) uygulamalı çalışma
Bilgi ve fikir üretme, fikir üretme toplantısı, çalıştay
(üniversite dışında yapılan) seminer
(zanaatçıya ait) atölye, ıslık

Çalıştaya katılmak istiyorsanız lütfen şimdi bizi arayın. - Please give us a call now if you want to participate in the workshop!

{i} (zanaatçıya ait) atölye, işlik
çalışma odası
{i} dükkân
{i} fabrika
{i} çalışma alanı (sanat)
{i} imalathane
workshop format
Çalıştay düzeni
workshop drawing
(Mimarlık) atölye çizimi
workshop drawing
(Mukavele) uygulama projesi
workshop hoist
workshop manual
atölye el kitabı
workshop recipes
atölye düzenleri
workshop work
atölye çalışması
engineer's workshop
set up a workshop
atölye kurmak
sewing workshop
(Eğitim) çalıştaylar
joiner's workshop
marangoz atölyesi
railway repair workshop
demiryolu onarım atölyesi
training workshop
eğitim çalıştayı
craft workshop
zanaat atölyesi
entertainment workshop
(Askeri) müzik ve temsil atölyesi
entertainment workshop
(Askeri) MÜZİK VE TEMSİL ATÖLYESİ: Müzik ve sahne programlarının provasına ve hazırlanmasına elverişli yeri ve imkanları bulunan atölye
model workshop
model atölyesi
model workshop
maket işliği
underground workshop
(Madencilik) yeraltı atölyesi
İngilizce - İngilizce
A small room where things are manufactured, or light industrial work is done
An academic conference
A brief intensive course of education for a small group; emphasizes interaction and practical problem solving
To help a playwright revise a draft of (a play) by rehearsing it with actors and critiquing the results
{n} a shop for performing work in
means a meeting or series of meetings devoted to discussion and demonstration of practical applications in a specialised field or subject
small workplace where handcrafts or manufacturing are done
A brief, intensive, educational program for a relatively small group of people that focuses on techniques and skills in a particular area
House plans with a space usually adjacent to the garage but can also be located in an unfinished basement It is space that is well suited for crafts and hobbies
A shop where any manufacture or handiwork is carried on
is an organised gathering of dance experts whose main aim is to trade minds and impart their knowledge and experiences with each other and with those eager to improve
Français : Atelier Deutsch : Werkstatt
Blowing glass takes teamwork A team works at each glass oven or workstation Three to six team members work together in a well-practiced tempo where each stage demands professional skill and precision It takes 10-12 years to be a skilled and experienced glass worker The first step is as an apprentice where one receives more difficult tasks incrementally as one's skill, experience, and practice increases The hand tools used today are, in principle, the same as hundreds of years ago We blow our glass in forms we make out of wood from the alder tree, graphite, or, in some cases, iron
to help a playwright revise a draft of a play by rehearsing it with actors and critiquing the results
This is space usually adjacent to the garage but can also be located in an unfinished basement It is space that is well suited for crafts and hobbies
- A gathering, usually three to five days in length, specifically for "hands-on training," or training where the participants really participate in the activity
A hands-on meeting where we teach various things about medieval topics and then make them (usually about a specific topic: brewing, garb, woodworking, calligraphy, etc )
A Citizen's Workshop (or 'extended group discussion') is very similar to a Citizen's Jury However, since Workshops are usually scheduled to take place over the course of a single day only, they are a much less expensive way to consult and engage local people
An extended session, usually a full day (six hours), where participants learn and practice the knowledge and skills that is the workshop's focus For example, in Brad's One Shovel Full workshop, participants are not only exposed to the concepts behind storytelling designed to change beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions, they also identify a real-life situation that would be helped through this process, create a story designed to bring about the desired change, and practice telling the story
set of CASEVision tools for building and analyzing programs
a brief intensive course for a small group; emphasizes problem solving small workplace where handcrafts or manufacturing are done
{i} shop in which work is carried out, workroom; seminar, brief intensive educational program, discussion group
As known by the French name atelier, a workshop is a studio in which a number of artists work together, generally under a master, either on regular or ad hoc basis The term also refers to a group of artists who work together and is sometimes used in this sense to denote the secular equivalent of the monastic scriptorium during the Gothic and Renaissance periods (and during Antiquity as well) Artists working on the same project need not necessarily have belonged to a workshop, since they frequently lived in the same urban neighbourhood and might join together for a single commission In the context of attributing a work of art to a particular artist, the term "workshop product" is used when the art is in the style of a master, but is thought to have been executed by an assistant emulating that style
A workshop is a period of discussion or practical work on a particular subject in which a group of people share their knowledge or experience. Trumpeter Marcus Belgrave ran a jazz workshop for young artists
A meeting organised to RAISE AWARENESS of the ISSUES, or to achieve WIN-WIN OUTCOMES Often held in picturesque country towns or ski resorts (Also workshopped, workshopping )
Any non-performing backstage area of the theatre
a brief intensive course for a small group; emphasizes problem solving
Similar to a tutorial but often more practical and 'hands on' They may also have more people attending
A workshop is a building which contains tools or machinery for making or repairing things, especially using wood or metal. a modestly equipped workshop
A workshop brings experts together for a single meeting, typically for one or two days Workshops generally fall into two categories: those convened so that Members may exchange ideas about a technology or policy and those convened to address the pressing concerns of W3C Members
sheltered workshop
a place where persons with limited mental ability can work in a safe environment
A workshop
carpentry workshop
workroom where woodwork is done
cobbler's workshop
place where a shoemaker makes and repairs shoes
locksmith's workshop
workshop for working with metal, place where a locksmith works
mechanical locksmith's workshop
location where a locksmith works with machines and performs his work
polishing workshop
location where workers polish and buff products
sewing workshop
tailor's shop, place where sewing takes place
sheltered workshop
a workshop that offers jobs to members of the physically or developmentally disabled population
shoemaker's workshop
place where a person makes shoes
theater workshop
acting workshop, class for learning acting skills
tinsmith's workshop
place where a metal worker processes and forms tin
upholsterer's workshop
place where one works in upholstery, place for doing upholstery work
Academic instruction for a small group, which employs such techniques as role-playing simulation encounters give and take sessions and problem-solving laboratories
discrete activities that supplement and enhance the experiences provided for all
plural of workshop
A workshop is teaching/learning methodology in which a group engages in individual or small group "hands-on" activity or experiential learning of certain competencies of a usually highly specialized nature Thus, a workshop is essentially a "short course" offered in a concentrated period of time, such as a week or a few days, and in which the emphasis is on actual experience related to the topics of the workshop
provision of information or materials provided through workshops with the aim of imparting knowledge which can be cascaded to various groups e g students, teachers, governors, parents
Training sessions by Human Resources, Counselling and Development, Employee Assistance Program, Alumni, etc
These are generally held on a Saturday and Sunday and are led by professionals and all cohousing members are encouraged to attend The design workshops develop plans with input from the members for the site design, common house design and unit designs The organizational development workshops will cover the skills members will need in order to manage their future community These skills may include and are not limited to meeting management, facilitation, conflict resolution, action planning, budgeting, marketing and outreach techniques, etc



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    ... Because idle hands are the devil's workshop. ...

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