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İngilizce - Türkçe
İngilizce - İngilizce
A visual model of an electronic representation of a three-dimensional object
To generate a [[#Noun|wireframe]] representation
A basic visual guide used to suggest the layout of fundamental elements in a web interface
To prepare a [[#Noun|wireframe]] for a website
A three dimensional view of an image outlined using a wire-like frame
(n) The simplest type of data representation for 3-D models Wireframe modeling is a natural outgrowth of 2-D CAD in that such models only contain information on edges and vertices With a wireframe modeler, there is no implicit information on the boundary between inside and outside the model volume Wireframe can also refer to a rendering technique in which only the edges and vertices are represented in the image
It is a geometric model that describes 3D geometry by outlining its edges
a geometric representation of 3D models as outlined by its outer edges
The basic framework of a part model constructed of wires and surface parts Wire is the general term for a line, arc, circle, augmented line, spline, ellipse, or polyline
Mode or model where only outlined edges of polygons are shown without being filled in
Wireframe rendering is a fast method in which objects are drawn as if they have been made of wires, with only their edges showing All edges are drawn because hidden-edge removal is not performed
Display mode where surfaces are displayed as outlines, and elements behind surfaces are displayed as though the surfaces did not exist
A representation of a three-dimensional object that shows only the lines of its contours, hence the name "wireframe "
The network graph of mode specific interconnecting legs
The capability of the CAD software to represent a design as a three dimensional arrangement of lines and arcs