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İngilizce - İngilizce
A habitational surname from the English places
Any of a number of places in England, the United States of America, and elsewhere
The name of several towns
An English surname
Winthrop Ames
born Nov. 25, 1870, North Easton, Mass., U.S. died Nov. 3, 1937, Boston, Mass. U.S. theatrical producer and manager. Born into a wealthy New England family, he traveled to Europe in 1904 to study the management of 60 opera and theatre companies. After comanaging a Boston theatre, he became managing director of New York City's New Theatre (1908-11). He founded the Little Theatre and the Booth Theatre, where he produced and directed such successful plays as The Philanderer (1913), Beggar on Horseback (1924), and a series of Gilbert and Sullivan revivals (1926-29). His Snow White (1913) was the first play produced in the U.S. especially for children
John Winthrop
born Jan. 22, 1588, Edwardstone, Suffolk, Eng. died April 5, 1649, Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony American colonial political leader, first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. In 1629 he joined the Massachusetts Bay Co., and he was elected governor of the colony that was to be established by the company in New England. An ardent Puritan, he envisioned a colony based on his religious beliefs. He guided the colonists on his arrival in North America in 1630 and was elected governor 12 times during the period from 1631 to 1648. Though widely respected, he was criticized for opposing the formation of a representative assembly (1634), and the colony's limitations on religious freedom were decried by Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson. His son, John Winthrop (1606-76), was an influential governor of Connecticut (1659-76)